Szechuan Sauce price is rising as swift as a coursing river.

At what point does a joke cease to be a joke? We laughed when Rick revealed his obsession with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce from the 90s, but even he wouldn’t go to the lengths some of us have gone to obtain it.

What started as a hilariously left-field twist in Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has transformed into an outright saga. After Rick revealed his quest to find McDonald’s long lost promotional Szechuan sauce as his “character arc,” fans turned the McNugget sauce into one of the most popular memes associated with the show. Fans dug up commercials, tried to recreate it, and even petitioned McDonalds to bring the sauce back. The joke might have ended there, but with the return of the show this past month, McDonalds proved it was listening.

Presumably not wanting to miss out on free publicity, McDonalds brought the Szechuan sauce back. A jug was sent to Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, who promptly tweeted about the gift. Attached was an in-universe note from McDonald’s Chef Mike, which teased “a few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory.” Sure enough, a giveaway was held shortly after to award three winners the last remaining jugs of Szechuan sauce in the universe.

Many thought this would be where the madness ended, but the Szechuan sauce saga has one last surprise. One contest winner has chosen to put his jug of sauce on eBay. The results have been… enthusiastic.

To date, bids on the Szechuan sauce have exceeded $6,100. According to the seller, a portion of the proceeds with be donated to charity, while the rest will “pay off bills and right the ship for myself.” Bidding on the sauce will end August 10th, so we can expect the final price to go even higher.

The sauce is stated to come in a “special Rick and Morty inspired Pelican camera case.” Shipping will only be available for US residents.

From a collecting standpoint, there’s a lot to take away from this story. If McDonalds brought back their Szechuan sauce a year ago, I’d doubt many would care or even notice. But now that it’s attached to Rick and Morty and in limited quantity, it’s worth thousands of dollars. Also, since it’s a dipping sauce, do you try to preserve it or just throw a McNugget party? I guess only the winners will be able to decide, and the rest of us will have to settle with DIY Szechuan sauce instead.

But hey, given the success of this whole event, I’ve got a few ideas for some discontinued things Rick could be obsessed with. You know, no real reason of course.

Written by TimM
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