Sometimes Even Dolls Need a Makeover

Here at Gemr our love for doll customization is as limitless as the options themselves. Collectors and fans alike have been customizing their fashion dolls and posting the beautiful results on the internet to great response. Even people who don’t customize their dolls’ make-up, clothes and hair can easily get lost for hours down the rabbit hole of before and after pictures (not to mention the videos– the glorious videos!). The reason collectors and hobbyists have taken to making over fashion dolls? Well, that’s as varied as the dolls themselves!

Surprisingly, most artists don’t start out with brand new dolls. Often, second hand dolls are acquired cheaply from local thrift shops and websites. If you’re going to repaint her, change her clothes and give her new hair, why waste money on a brand new doll? Some of the most popular dolls for customization include Barbie, Bratz and Monster High dolls, which are largely inexpensive to begin with. This is a great excuse to truly make your doll your own in ways your mother never would have let your childhood self!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so jump into Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to find some inspiration for your doll. A sketch or photo is super handy to work from. The first step is to remove the old doll makeup– strip it off with pure acetone and reapply it using various professional quality watercolor pencils and paints applied with the teeniest, tiniest of brushes. Second, chop that hair off and apply a new wig. Lastly, outfit change! If only getting ready in the morning was this transformative. See what everyone’s talking about and get the customization bug by watching this awesome video by Poppen Atelier:

From cuddly to creepy, sweet to sassy, a custom doll can be anyone (or anything) you’d like! We love trying new hobbies and this one reminds us surprisingly of LEGOs, in that it’s not permanent and can be re-done over and over again. There’s even a subgenre of repainting already customized dolls. Talk about going down the rabbit hole! The love you have for a doll may be forever, but her makeup doesn’t have to be.

Written by Gemr
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