Rock ‘N’ Roll Pioneer’s Remains Removed From Rock Hall Of Fame

Alan Freed, disc jockey and the man who gave “rock ‘n’ roll” its name, is being moved out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum next Monday. Freed died in 1965, but his ashes have been in the museum on display since 2002, but were taken off public display on Friday. The ashes of the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer will be picked up by his son, Lance Freed. According to Lance, the Rock Hall President Greg Harris said that having the ashes on display at the museum was “strange”… which is easily agreeable. 

A display of Freed’s microphones will take the place of his ashes, which the museum agrees as a more appropriate “nod to his career as a broadcaster.”

This is the third time Freed’s ashes have been moved, and Lance Freed told CNN that “hopefully it will be the last.”

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