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Get your kicks with the collectibles at Route 66.

Surprise! While the rest of the Gemr team has been working hard on the ground floor at Comic-Con, I’ve been busying hanging out on the other side of the country in scenic Bar Harbor, Maine!

No, don’t worry, there isn’t some secret convention going on that no one told you about. I’ve just been here visiting family and enjoying the many sights of the Acadia National Park. Yet as it turns out, Bar Harbor also has a pretty robust variety of antique and vintage items if you know where to find them. One of those places happens to be a neat 50’s throwback restaurant that specifically caters to vintage collectors.

Route 66 Bar Harbor Fries

Route 66 is about what you’d expect from a restaurant of this 50’s aesthetic at a glance. There’s a nice variety of hamburgers, tons of tasty french fries, and delicious milkshakes with cherries on top. Of course, being that Bar Harbor is known for its fresh caught lobster, there’s a nice selection of seafood as well. Prices range from pretty cheap to, well, what you’d expect for a lobster dinner at a restaurant (roughly $25-$30).

Now, I’m not a professionally trained food critic, so I can’t offer much insight on this front. I am a simple man with simple tastes. I ordered french fries with cheese and bacon. All of these things are amazing separately and I liked all of them put together. I also had a hamburger with fried mac and cheese bites on top. This, too, was good. This, in retrospect, was not the most health conscious meal I could have ordered, so we can add “dietitian” to the list of things that I am definitely not.

Route 66 Bar Harbor trucks

The real reason you’d want to check out Route 66 is the decorations. Yes, more so than an actual restaurant, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Route 66 a mini museum. The interior contains two stories absolutely loaded with vintage miniature cars, figures, toys, signs, pictures, you name it. No matter where you’re seated, there’s always something interesting for you to look at. That said, if you don’t fancy yourself a fan of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, a few of the collectibles may lose their appeal.

Route 66 Bar Harbor train

Some of the decor is pretty creative here as well. My favorite piece is the fully assembled train set that runs along the ledge of the second floor of seats. That’s right, it actually makes little round trips every few minutes! Even as a fully grown adult, I loved seeing this train in action.

Route 66 Bar Harbor Collection

Route 66 also features some pretty interesting history as well. Most notably is the fact that the building contains preserved artifacts of an old church. This explains the presence of stained glass windows, which still look great even if they sort of clash with the rest of the building. If nothing helps, it helps Route 66’s atmosphere feel especially unique.

Route 66 Bar Harbor Sign

On one hand, I can’t imagine anyone would make a trip to Bar Harbor to visit Route 66. On the other hand, for collectors already in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out. The robust collection on display makes it unique, even when compared to other 50’s throwback style restaurants. And hey, it’s not a bad place to grab a burger and a shake either. Even if it’s just a quick Google image search, this restaurant is easily worth a bit of your time.

Written by TimM
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