We’re telling Scary Stories — and giving some away!

Have you been gathering your nerves to confront your childhood nightmares? Are you ready to see what warped fantasies Giermo del Toro brings to life? Because we are. We have been re-reading the books before bed — which might not be the best idea, but who needs sleep? We want to pass our nightmares on to another fan, so we’re throwing our own Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark giveaway! 

What makes our giveaway so terrifying? Well, we’re going to do more than give you the creeps! We’re giving away the brand new hardcover collection of all three Scary Stories books in one. It even features the original artwork for that extra scare factor. But that wasn’t enough, so we threw in the just-released documentary about Scary Stories and…because we know you’ll be nervous in the dark…three prayer candles with the artwork on them. Just don’t blow out the candle with the lights off — who knows what might happen! Is this spooktacular prize pack something you need? Then enter our giveaway — before something less friendly does. 

So how do you enter?

  • Click the link below — it will take you to our Horror Club.
  • Sign up for Gemr (if you haven’t already)
  • Join the Horror Club!

That’s it if you only want one entry — BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We want to give them to you. Just add your terrifying collection to our Horror Club! Each item you add is another chance to win! You only have until 8/15 to enter, so hurry into our Horror Club… Before it’s too late! MWAHAHAHA!

Our Giveaway is Over thank you for Participating! Find more horror in our Horror Club!

Written by Gemr
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