Sinatra’s first driver’s license nets $15K

Ever wondered what a driver’s license looked like in 1934? Well look no further, here’s Frank Sinatra’s first license, in which he received when he was only 19 years old! This simplistic license that seems to be just a wrinkled piece of paper with a few type lines on it went for a solid $15K during a June auction offered by RR Auction. Also included in the lot is a 1940 letter to the state Commissioner of Motor Vehicles from the lawyer of a man who was involved in a car crash with Sinatra. The letter insists that Sinatra has his driving privileges revoked until he pays up!

“It’s an amazing piece that ties Sinatra to his birthplace, where he is still a home town hero of the one square mile town of Hoboken, N.J. — dating back to the days when he must have still been dreaming of making it big — here and anywhere,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction.

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