Stamp Collectors- No Fans of Pop Culture on Stamps

Wouldn’t you think that pop culture icons on stamps would be, in fact, popular among collectors? Well think again, as many philatelists say that they “undermine a long tradition.” Icons such as Harry Potter, Elvis and Bugs Bunny are getting slammed by traditional stamp collectors who all agree that they just do not belong. 

“Harry Potter is a perfect example,” says Ken Martin, executive director of the American Philatelic Society. “Why do you honor a British author’s book? Wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to honor something that reflects our country’s heritage, not the product of another country?”

Although many traditional stamp collectors disagree with the pop culture icons taking over in the stamp world, the Postal officials are not apologetic whatsoever. They believe that these images could potentially lead to the beginning of stamp collecting within younger generations, an issue that has been continuing to rise throughout multiple collecting industries. 

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