Steiff saleroom competition for rare commemorative Titanic bears

To this day there is still a collective sadness surrounding the tragedy of the Titanic.  Our heartstrings are taut as we relate to the helpless innocents that lost their lives on that day.  No matter how tragic an event, there will always be someone trying to find the silver lining and create a positive outcome –oftentimes being a commercial outcome. 

One such commercial opportunity was seized by Britain in 1912 when they created over 600 commemorative black teddy bears known today as Titanic mourning bears.  The teddy bear, being the most innocent and comforting of all the childhood toys, is the perfect representation of commemorative mourning.  One hundred years later and the Titanic mourning bear is still “one of the most sought-after vintage bears from Steiff, which was established in 1880 and is credited with creating the world’s first teddy bear in 1902″.

Just a month ago two of these rare vintage collector’s items went up for auction.  One bear sold for £16,000 while the next day another bear sold for £30,000 in Maine.  Who knows when one will show up next.

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