With Life of Brian celebrating its 40th anniversary here, it’s time to explore our favorite British comedy icons. It’s… Monty Python! Now is as good a time as any to go on a dive into the coolest, weirdest, and best Monty Python collectibles we’d love to get our hands on. We sadly did not find Brian’s sandal or his gourd, but we did find an assortment of other equally wacky items. There will be no dead parrots in this article, or Romans, but you will find a delightful variety of perfect collectibles to help you celebrate Monty Python.

Horse Action Figure

This has to be about the most accurate recreation of a horse we’ve ever seen. The action features are top-notch, and the care sheet is very helpful. We have a minor quality complaint as all horses should come with a Patsy, but we will let that slide — it was probably a cost issue in production. For now, grab yourself a coconut — we mean, an incredibly accurate horse action figure — for only $19!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Black Knight Funko

This is undoubtedly the newest item on our list, but it’s already getting hard to find. Funko put out an entire line of Monty Python and the Holy Grail Funko Pop!s a bit ago. Some of them were fun, some were just a bit weird, and then there were a few particularly cheeky exclusives. This Pop! is our favorite of the lot. It’s a bit disarming, (see what we did there?) but it’s perfect for displaying on a shelf or coffee table. Use him to guard the remote, or your favorite drink. People will be put off from taking your stuff by his flesh wounds. While it’s getting harder to find, you can still snag one for about $75

A Plush Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth

You might want to assume that this is just a rabbit, but it’s not — this is the Rabbit of Caerbannog. This less than friendly rabbit is known for its big pointy teeth! If you don’t believe this rabbit is a killer, look at the bones — or ask Tim the Enchanter, he will gladly tell you. Your best option is to deploy a holy hand granade or to run away. Your choice. But if you choose neither, you can pick one up from the Toy Vault on Amazon for about $60! It’s sure to ward off unwanted company. 

Dead Parrot Slippers

We said there wouldn’t be dead parrots in this blog, and we didn’t lie! These slippers are just resting…or perhaps they’re stunned. They like to kip on their back, you know. If not that, these Norwegian Blues are just pining for the fords. These slippers are very much alive parrots and in no way were nailed to a perch to make you think they were not dead. But this is getting very silly, so we’re going to stop and move on. If you would like these totally alive parrot slippers, you can still find them for about $30

A Deluxe Cow Catapult 

Nothing is more fun than throwing livestock over castle walls. While you may be lacking in castle walls, this deluxe set will make sure you don’t lack in catapults! With all manner of livestock to choose from, you can launch this barnyard bonanza at anyone you are sick of dealing with. We’re sure they will get the hint and run away from the situation with haste. This will free you up for all manner of other things you might want to get up to! If you want one, they are getting a little bit pricy. You can still find them for around $75 — and we think that’s worth it to drive off annoying coworkers and neighbors. 

Sideshow Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Sometimes big exciting companies like Sideshow do something very silly — like their line of Monty Python and the Holy Grail action figures. While there are many good ones in the line, we personally think the Black Knight is the best of the best. He is also the most expensive of the line (You can usually find him for about $150), but he has some features the others don’t. Sure, they all have accurate costumes and articulation — but the Black Knight has limbs that come off. And that makes this a must-have figure.

Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

Sometimes there comes a company almost as ridiculous as Monty Python itself, and the Unemployed Philosophers Guild is that place. A long time ago they sold a Ministry of Silly Walks watch. Jon Cleese’s legs spin around as the minute and hour hands and his cane makes the second hand. The whole thing is incredibly silly, and we’re sad someone put a stop to it — because we want one. If you want one too, you’ll have to go to second-hand sites like eBay. Expect to spend around $300 for one in mint condition, or if you’re willing to snag one that comes a little pre-loved, expect to pay about $80.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Shirt

No one will expect you to wear this incredibly silly shirt. The gag never gets old, and you’ll be popping up in all sorts of unexpected places when you put it on. The shirt also works as a Monty Python litmus test. If someone doesn’t get the joke, you should probably sit them down and introduce them to Monty Python. They deserve more laughter in their life. And now for something completely different… 

Monty Python’s Holy GrAil Tap Handle

A little place called Black Sheep Brewery got the idea that perhaps people liked Monty Python enough to drink it. So they went ahead and produced probably the most off the wall beer ever brewed. The Holy Grail Ale is still stocked at many places in England — but don’t expect to find it elsewhere unless you go to a specialty store. While the beer is fun to drink, it’s not really collectible itself. In fact (so long as you’re of age), we encourage you to consume it before it goes bad on your shelf. But this beer did make a really cool collectible, and a neat conversation piece: the beer tap handle from pubs. You can find them second hand on eBay and other sites, but they tend to run around $100 for one in good condition. Which is quite a bit more than a pint. 

Monty Python Holy Trinity

When they say holy trinity, they aren’t playing around! The three DVD set contains Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Life of Brian, and Meaning of Life all in one convenient box. It is full of amusing extras and an unlimited amount of laughs. All three movies brush on religion, life, and the absurdity of the human condition. It’s been out of print for quite a while, and while it’s cheaper just to buy the films separately — we think this set is the perfect piece for any Python-obsessive’s collection. You can still find it here or there for about $150. But hey, with this box set, it will be easier to always look on the bright side of life! 


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