The 10 Most Beautiful Tapestries of All Time

From the Middle Ages to the present, woven fabric has been capable of being painting’s equal. Jason Farago picks the most sublime examples.

Tapestries are an entirely underrepresented medium in art history.  While paintings may seem like the most common form of art throughout history, tapestries are seen as being the most valued form of art during the medieval and early modern periods.  BBC editor, Jason Fargo has selected the top 10 most profound tapestries of all time.

The Apocalypse Tapestry, Fargo’s #1 pick was 100 m. long and depicts scenes from The Book of Revelation.  On top of it’s impressive size and visual grandeur, the piece is the oldest known woven artwork in France.  How many paintings can say that?

Check out BBC Culture for the full list of Fargo’s top 10 tapestries.

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