The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh Cards


If you think Yu-Gi-Oh is just an anime about characters who d-d-d-d-duel, then wait until you see how expensive the actual card game can be.

Based on Kazuki Takahashi’s 1996 manga of the same name, the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game has soared to great heights since its launch in 1999. Over 22 billion cards have been sold worldwide, which presumably explains why it was named the top selling trading card game by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. To this day, the franchise has spawned multiple anime series, five movies, over 50 video games, and even five spin-offs. All of this makes it no wonder that the most elusive Yu-Gi-Oh cards command unreal prices far beyond anything we’ve ever seen before, and if you’ve seen our coverage of the rarest Magic cards and Pokemon cards, you’ll know that’s a statement we do not make lightly.

For those who have a reserve of riches that could make an Egyptian pharaoh jealous, below we have chronicled the world’s priciest Yu-Gi-Oh cards to this day. May the heart of the cards guide you and your wallet.


10: Chinese Dark Magician

Because Yu-Gi-Oh is an international phenomenon, cards in certain languages can become wildly sought after if a production run happens to be limited. Considering the Chinese Dark Magician was released in 1999 with only a scant 100 produced, it makes sense that this card would command high prices on the second hand market.

The Chinese Dark Magician card can be sold for anywhere between $800 – $1600 in good condition.


9: GSC Dark Magician Girl

Arguably a mascot character of the franchise, Dark Magician Girl has seen numerous re-releases and variations throughout the years. However, if you happen to own one of the first Japanese promo versions of this card, this seemingly common card can actually be a goldmine.

Those lucky enough to have one of these cards can sell it for $1100 – $6600.


8: Chinese Blue Eyes White Dragon

It’s becoming increasing apparent that being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan in China is a lucrative prospect, though we suppose collectors wouldn’t have been able to predict that in the early days of the game’s lifespan.

This Blue Eyes White Dragon, in addition to other elusive versions of Blue Eyes White Dragon, can run between $1300-$3900


7: Shrink

“Wait a minute,” you may ask, “how can a card that can be found for 99 cents on ebay be considered one of the most expensive cards of all time?” As with all collectibles, limited first edition runs can turn an item into a rarity unlike any other.

If you can confirm your Shrink to be one of the rare releases, it can be sold for anywhere between $1600 to $6000


6: Promo Des Volstgalph

To be honest, not too much is known about the promotional Des Volstgalph beyond the fact that it’s extremely sought after by collectors. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting story, but we’re not here to argue with the numbers.

While we’ve seen the card allegedly go for $600 on eBay, this one is reported to sell for around $1900.


5: Gold Sarcophagus

Not only were a scant 25 Gold Sarcophagus cards ever produced, but they were only awarded to players during the Pharaoh’s Tour and Shonen Jump tournaments. In other words, you needed to be a world class Yu-Gi-Oh player at the right place in the right time to receive this card.

If you pursue the second hard market to obtain this card, you’ll be spending over $2200.


4: Cyber Stein

While common variants of this card exist, the rare promo version of Cyber Stein was given to winners of the Shonen Jump Championship.

As to be expected, this makes Cyber Stein valued at upwards of $4500.


3: Armament of the Lethal Lords

Armament of the Lethal Lords is unsurprisingly another card awarded to winners of the World Championship Series in 2006, but what is surprising is the original asking price of this rarity. Sellers made headlines by looking to sell the card for over a million dollars, which is a number only achieved by the likes of the infamous Honus Wagner baseball card.

Even if it never quite sold for those astronomical amounts, Armament of the Lethal Lords has been sold for as much as $9000 to date.


2: Armored Blue Eyes White Dragon

Armored Blue Eyes White Dragon is a legend in the truest sense of the word. It’s literally unknown if this card is even real, as conflicting sources on the internet both confirm and deny its existence.

If the stories are to be believed, obtaining this card will cost the buyer more than $500,000. However, considering how elusive this card has become over the years, we wouldn’t be surprised if a buyer would be forking over even more cash for this mythical card.


1: Tournament Black Luster Soldier

With most top ten lists, we see increasingly rare items stack on top of each other until we award the number 1 spot to a product that somehow trumps everything else on the list. However, with Yu-Gi-Oh’s Tournament Black Luster Soldier, the disparity between the value of this card with everything else on the list will likely strike our readers as completely unbelievable.

This one-of-a-kind trading card was given to the winner of the very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament held in Japan in 1999, and the card itself was printed on stainless steel instead of the usual cardboard and foil. This amazing Black Luster Soldier has a value of – brace yourself – roughly $10 million. While reports indicate that the card may have been sold for closer to $2 million, the fact that a card could command such a high price to begin with is a testament to its rarity among collectibles worldwide.

Make no mistake; this card doesn’t simply break records among Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards. Rather, Black Luster Soldier is one of the most valuable trading cards of all time.