We were recently asked if we could make a list of the 10 most valuable NECA figures, and we were excited to comply. But let’s be honest — most NECA figures aren’t worth a whole lot. They can get pricey over time, but for the most part — they don’t grow that much in value. But that’s not why you buy a NECA figure — you get NECA because they offer a robust line of horror figures that no one else can best, with great articulation. Or, they do now.

The company had a mixed reputation until pretty recently, and that means much of their older stuff wasn’t really held onto. Minimal articulation and poor durability made them somewhat of a gamble. But, they offered figures other companies didn’t, so many fans bit the bullet and got them anyway. We love what NECA is turning out now. But we’re always happy to dig more into collectibles, so we snagged our in-house NECA collectors and interrogated — we mean, we “asked them nicely” — about NECA!

To be fair, we’ve decided to narrow it down to figures, as the life-size foam props, while awesome, would dominate this list otherwise. Their foam props are owned more by comic shops, and less by collectors (though if you have some, PLEASE show us on Gemr!). We’re also only including individual figures — or those sold in a box together. Complete lines can go for a lot, but that doesn’t mean a single figure is worth a lot — just that people want the whole group. We will include articulated figures and statues on the list together though, because both deserve your shelf space (we’re not biased here). Rules explained, now let’s get to it!

NECA Hall of Fame Cult Classics, Halloween Michael Myers Ghost Bob
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Hall of Fame Cult Classics, Halloween Michael Myers Ghost Bob

The Cult Classics line is over a decade old at this point, which means it’s tough to find. You also have to deal with less articulation, which was common in the early NECA stuff. The Ghost Bob Michael Myers is no different. The sheet is made of soft plastic and doesn’t really shift, but there is a full Michael Myers under it. You can remove the sheet easily, but what’s the point of picking up this particular figure if you’re not going to display it with the Bob sheet? If you’re looking for one, good luck on your hunt. You can pay up to as much as $320 to snag this spooky slasher. 

NECA SDCC 2017 TMNT 30th Anniversary Box Set
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SDCC 2017 TMNT 30th Anniversary Box Set

Cowabunga, dude! These turtles are a must-have collector’s item. For the 30th anniversary, NECA brought an incredible box set to SDCC. You get so many figures and accessories, you might not know what to do with yourself. The set sold for over $200 to begin with, so the climb to its current value isn’t as steep as some of the individual figures on this list — but this totally tubular set is worth every penny. If you want a set still in its far out carrying case, you could pay as much as $325!

NECA Reel Toys Mini Michael Myers Light Up Bust
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Reel Toys Mini Michael Myers Light Up Bust

Back in the day, NECA went by a different name — Reel Toys. So while this bust doesn’t necessarily boast the modern NECA name, it is a NECA figure. The Mini Michael Myers Light Up Bust is one of the statues that really hold up from the era. NECA has been dominating the horror licenses for ages, and this little bust is a must-have for any Michael Myers fan. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your shelf, but it will slash through your collectible budget to snag one. You should plan to spend up to $350 to hunt down this killer collectible.

NECA Classic Unmasked Predator 1/4th Scale Open Mouth Version
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Classic Unmasked Predator 1/4th Scale Open Mouth Version

Good news! The 1/4th scale NECA Classic Predator isn’t too hard to find. Sure, it’s a little costly, but the unmasked version is pretty rare. And the Open Mouth version is the rarest of them all! This jungle hunter is as elusive as — well, the Predator! If you find one for sale, consider it a rare sighting and pounce quickly if you can. They tend to sell fast, as long as they are in good condition, as they are a rare find. If you uncover one, expect to pay as much as $350 to add the ultimate hunter to your collection. 

NECA Reel Toys Conan the Barbarian War Paint
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Reel Toys Conan the Barbarian War Paint

Conan the Barbarian was a comic character originally, but is most known for the short running series where Ralph Moeller played the titular role in the late ’90s. While there have been animated series and games, it’s been a while since Conan has been relevant. There was a brief resurgence thanks to the Conan games, though the games are less focused on the character, and more on the universe in which he lived. While there is minimal buzz around the series right now, the figures hold a special place in fans’ hearts. The character has quite a few die-hard followers out there. There are several different Reel Toys Conan figures, but the most valuable among them is the Conan in War Paint model. While it can still be found from time to time on sites like eBay, you should expect to spend as much as $360 to get one new in box. 

NECA SDCC 2015 Friday the 13th: Pamala Voorhees and young Jason
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SDCC 2015 Friday the 13th: Pamala Voorhees and young Jason

NECA occasionally puts out old school, MEGO inspired figures in cloth outfits. It’s usually a limited run, so these figures can be hard to find. Pamela and young Jason is no exception to the rule. Given they were SDCC exclusives — most people didn’t have a chance to snag them. It also doesn’t help that NECA has only ever released one other Pamala Voorhees figure. And she was a corpse. That makes this figure even more sought after by Halloween fans. Because of the limited availability, and the lack of other Pamala options, get your wallet ready if you want one. We’ve seen this SDCC exclusive sell for as much as $370.

NECA SDCC 2008 Black and White Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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SDCC 2008 Black and White Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always had a good relationship, and they have been producing cool toys for the heroes on the half shell for a long while, you saw a more modern set above. But that wasn’t the first time the Turtles were made into an exclusive. Back in 2008, NECA brought a fantastic box set to SDCC. They designed the Turtles to look like their comic appearance and even painted them black and white — just as they appear on the pages. They only made 1/500, though, so, like all Comic-Con exclusives, it went fast. Now it can be hard to find a set anywhere. If you want one, you could shell out at least $395 to snag one.

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NECA House of 1000 Corpses: Captain Spaulding - Hot Dog Shirt
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House of 1000 Corpses: Captain Spaulding – Hot Dog Shirt

NECA has released a few versions of Captain Spaulding over the years, but none are more sought after than the exclusive Hot Dog Shirt version. The figure was debuted at San Diego Comic-Con in 2004 and was sold as an exclusive in Suncoasts and Media Plays. If you don’t recognize those names or have only an inkling — it’s because both stores have gone out of business. Given the exclusivity, this figure was hard to get ahold of when it was on pegs, much less later on down the line. We’ve seen it go for almost $100 loose. But if you want one mint in box for your collection? Expect to pay up to $460.

NECA Masters Of The Universe Four Horsemen Skeletor Statue
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Masters Of The Universe Four Horsemen Skeletor Statue

When most people think of NECA, they don’t think of statues, but this is a piece worth owning. The Fourhorsemen (the studio behind the Master of the Universe relaunch), sculpted four resin statues, which NECA distributed. While it’s not technically 100% NECA, we think it counts. This statue is incredible. Only 1250 were made, making it a hard piece to come by. And with how little He-Man stuff we had at the time of its release in 2004, he sold out quick. The little details really make this, from his outstretched hand to the details on his sword and staff. He’s an incredible statue for your collection. If you want him, be ready to pay. The NECA Skeletor sells for up to $450 new in box. 

NECA Lord of The Rings: Balrog 25"
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Lord of The Rings: Balrog 25″ 

Not everyone knows this, but for a brief time, NECA had the LotR license. With that license, they made one of the single coolest Balrog figures — outside of Weta — money could buy. It stands about 25″ tall if you count his raised wings and cracking fire whip. It’s a beautiful figure and is fully articulated in true NECA fashion. Unlike Weta, who is known for their amazing statues, you can pose this giant beast. It’s so big, one of the primary problems with owning it is finding a shelf big enough to hold him. There is one thing it has in common with Weta, though, and that’s the price tag. Despite it being a NECA figure, this Balrog can sell for an awe-inspiring $500 in mint condition. If you ask us, it’s worth it. There is nothing else like it out there and is a must-have for any devoted LotR fan.

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