These X-Men Comics Have More Value Than Some Cars!

Marvel has a LOT of history behind all of their iconic characters, and the X-Men are no different. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves created the original team and launched a comic series that has spanned generations.

Some fans have been collecting since day one, and some started yesterday (and that’s awesome, we all gotta start somewhere). But sometimes it’s exciting to look at what your collection might be worth. If you have been hanging onto X-Men issues for ages, or you’re trying to get your hands on the rarest comics, well, we’ve pulled the numbers. Here are the 10 most valuable X-Men comics — but you might need to acquire mutant abilities to get your hands on them.

X-Men #8

The first issue on our list doesn’t have too much going for it content-wise, to be honest. It’s early canon, which is enough to boost the price, but not enough to skyrocket the price. This issue had the first appearance of Unus the Untouchable. The one major thing this issue had was a mention of Susan Storm, helping to cement the X-Men in the wider Marvel canon. A near-mint copy could run you as much as $11,200! It’s almost as untouchable as Unus!

X-Men #13

It interests us that this issue doesn’t have any first appearances in it. Usually first appearance issues are more valuable than others as a standard (depending on the character of course), but this issue has none. In fact, the Juggernaut was introduced in issue 12 with issue 13 finishing the arc! This means that the second comic in the pair is far more valuable than the first (by almost double)! Perhaps it is the inclusion of the Human Torch, who comes to aid the team, or that this issue just happens to be preferred by fans, but it has surpassed issue 12 in value. Issue 13 sells for an unstoppable $11,300 in near mint condition — which is astounding!

X-Men #94

The All-New, All-Different X-Men is right! So there was a period of time where there were no X-Men comics (hard to believe, but it happened). Due to declining readership, the series was canceled. It took a bit, but eventually, they relaunched the franchise with a whole new team. A lot of the old (read: less popular) characters left the team and were replaced by new heroes who took on the mantle of X-Men for the first time. This issue is highly collectible as it reveals this new team. While there aren’t really any first appearances, it is the first time this team was seen together. The all-new team brings the value of this issue in near mint condition to a staggering $11,600!

X-Men #9

This is a highly collectible issue for one very important reason: this was a crossover issue with The Avengers. This helped to cement the X-Men firmly in the main Marvel universe, which gives the X-Men much more clout than they had previously. Once you’re rolling with The Avengers, you’re kinda in the big leagues. If you want to add this super team up to your collection in near mint condition, expect to spend a big-league price of up to $13,000.

X-Men #10

This issue introduced The Savage Lands, an artificial primal preserve hidden deep within Antarctica. The comic also introduced Ka-Zar and his Smilodon (more commonly known as a saber-tooth tiger) companion Zabu. While the X-Men have trouble communicating with the primal man Ka-Zar, they end up helping each other and parting ways as unlikely friends (which happens a lot to the X-Men). A near-mint copy can sell for as much as $16,000, so if you want one, you better get saving.

X-Men #4

This issue introduced Magneto’s evil team of heroes The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (you can sort of understand why they shortened it to “The Brotherhood” as time went on). The issue introduced Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Mastermind, making it a huge slew of first appearances all at once. In near mint condition, it can sell for up to $26,000!

X-Men #3

The first appearance of the Blob! The Blob is one of those villains who is both iconic and kinda gross. Sure he’s pretty impervious to damage, and sure he’s exceptionally strong, but we really can’t get past his personality. The other notable thing in this issue wouldn’t fly in modern comics. Professor X had a crush on his teenage ward Jean Gray — which is pretty creepy in retrospect. This issue has a pretty high price tag if you want to add a near mint copy to your collection. Expect to pay up to $35,000 for the honor.

X-Men #2

This issue is valuable in part because it came directly after the first issue. X-Men #2 introduced The Vanisher and cemented these characters as something worth reading. While the cover price is nowhere near as high as the top contenders on this list, a high-grade copy can sell for as much as $46,000 — and that is nothing to sneeze at!

Incredible Hulk #181

“But wait,” you are probably exclaiming in exasperation, “that’s not an X-Men comic!” And you would be right….sort of. See, the Incredible Hulk #181 is a crucial piece of X-Men history. It is the very first appearance of everyone’s favorite Canadian Mutant, Wolverine. If you ask us, that makes this an honorary X-Men comic. Like that friend who your family sort of adopts as a quasi-brother. As you can imagine, the Wolverine factor makes this comic a holy grail for a lot of X-Men collectors. The best condition known was a CGC at 9.9 that sold for a staggering $150,000. That’s more than some people spend on a house! If you’re willing to compromise a little on quality, a 9.6 CGC goes for about $10,000 — which, while still high, is a much more attainable.

X-Men #1 (1963)

Here it is. The holy grail of X-Men comics. This is the rarest, the most coveted, and the hardest to acquire of any X-Men comic book. It is, of course, X-Men #1. This was our first introduction to mutants, long before the team we know today formed up. The original team consisted of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel. The issue also introduced Professor Xavier and Magneto! Owning this piece of history would be an incredible thing, right up there with Amazing Fantasy #15. While it might not boast quite the same cover price as Spider-Man, it doesn’t come cheap. The highest grade example to ever sell went for an astonishing $492,000!

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