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Whether you call them stuffed animals, plushies, or your little friends you used to hug while you slept, it’s unbelievable how rare some plush toys have become.

We don’t mean “unbelievable” as some hyperbolic way to say these toys are rare; rather, we literally mean you can’t believe everything you read about rare plush toys. For example, less credible online marketplaces may lead you to believe that the Princess Beanie Baby is worth thousands of dollars, yet the bear is worth a maximum of $32 according to website TY Collector.

Heck, even Beanie Babies themselves turned out to be fairly common (but still collectible!) toys after they were considered great investments in the 90s. It’s hard to know when an impossibly cute toy is also a potential goldmine, but we tip our hats to collectors of plush toys who have survived the grueling market place in search of genuinely elusive stuffed animals.

To help the average enthusiast wade through common misconceptions, we’ve looked into ten plush toys that have increased in value for either amazing or ridiculous reasons. Spoilers: there may be a couple of Beanie Babies in here, but expect lots and lots of teddy bears.

10: Steiff Navy Goat


Steiff’s Navy Goat isn’t the most valuable collectible ever produced by the luxury toy company, but its rarity is nothing to sneeze at.

Produced only in 1957, this mascot animal may not be impossible to find, but collectors will have to pay between $250-$350 for it.

9: Gold Magikarp


Some say  Magikarp is the weakest Pokemon, but a golden Magikarp happens to be one of the most valuable monsters ever created.

This promotional plush toy was only sold at Pokemon Centers in Japan for a limited time, so the value of the golden Magikarp keeps steadily increasing. Expect to pay roughly $350 for this fish.

8: Ride-On Plush Giraffe


For those with particularly deep pockets, it is indeed possible to purchase life-size giraffe, horse, and even dragon plush toys. Yes, we’re talking deep pockets.

These giant animals tend to cost more than $1,000, which probably explains why they’re so rare.

7: Magenta Patti Platypus


Patti Platypus is one Beanie Baby who has retained her value, but as always, there’s a catch: Of the many colors the plush came in, only the magenta one is considered a rare collectible.

If your Patti Platypus meets this criteria, then congratulations on owning a $2,000 stuffed animal!

6: Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant

Not to be outdone by Patti, the royal blue Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby takes the crown for the most valuable Beanie Baby ever made. The royal blue Peanut was originally designed with a lighter color in mind, so this particular variant faced extremely limited production. It’s said that only 2000 Peanuts were created.

Depending on its condition, an authentic royal blue Peanut the Elephant can be worth as much as $3,000 or $5,000!

5: Shiny Entei / Raikou / Suicune

If you thought a golden Magikarp would be the only Pokemon doll listed here, then brace yourself for these special edition Entei, Raikou, and Suicune plush toys!

These “shiny” variants of the legendary Pokemon were given away in a lottery at Pokemon Centers in Japan, so it’s estimated only 250 of each doll was made. If you’re even able to find a seller, each doll could cost thousands of dollars each, let alone a full set.

4: Teal Blue English Farnell Teddy Bear


We hope you like Teddy Bears because we’re about to talk about a whole bunch of them!

This uniquely colored bear from the 1920s is unlike the majority of stuffed bears seen today, which perhaps explains why it has sold for $11,000 during auction. Even if it’s not the world’s most expensive teddy bear, it undoubtedly is one of the hardest to find in good condition.

3: Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear


Speaking of the world’s most expensive teddy bears, have you ever imagined what would happen if one of the world’s leading luxury brands produced its own Teddy Bear? As it turns out, you don’t actually need to imagine it.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear retailed for $9,000 when it was released, and the value of the bear has only increased since then. It’s said that this lavish plush has been auctioned off for upwards of $182,000.

2: Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

As perhaps the most infamous teddy bear ever made, the name of this toy alone should indicate how unbearable the price is going to be.

Steiff, the producers of the original teddy bear, teamed up with Louis Vuitton to create this designer bear in 2000, sporting authentic designer clothing. It sold during auction for a whopping $2.1 million, and has since been preserved at the Teddy Bear Museum in the South Korean Jeju Island. We can debate whether or not the bear is worth such an unimaginable amount of money, but it leads the other items on this list by such a wide margin that it’s safe to say it deserves this slot.

1: 55 PB Teddy Bear

Following a bear that sold for over two million dollars, how could any plush toy ever dream to be considered more valuable than that? What if we were to tell you that the 55 PB Teddy Bears existed at one point, but no one has been able to find an authentic one to this day?

Yes, the 55 PB teddy bear was the first bear ever created by Steiff, but no one knows what has happened to them since 1903. The story goes that a shipment of the bears was indeed processed and shipped to America, but the original 3,000 bears were all destroyed in a tragic shipwreck. However, there are those who say there could be 55 PB bears out there, but we just don’t know their whereabouts. It’s guessed that the bears were too fragile to have survived until today, but some still hope there’s a bear out there that hasn’t turned up yet. Even if it’s been sitting in an attic for over a century, there’s still a chance that this legendary bear could eventually appear.

It’s said that the discovery of this bear could smash all previously held records for plush toys ever sold, but until then, we can only dream that this mythical piece of history will one day show up. Even if this tale seems like a mere legend, we assure you, dear readers, that this is no lie.

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Written by TimM
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