Sonic can really move, he’s got an attitude, and he’s even the fastest thing alive, but that didn’t stop him from getting a tad ridiculous at times.

Whether you know him from the classic Sega Genesis games, his hit TV shows, or just the sheer number of blue hedgehog toys throughout the 90s, Sonic holds a special place in the hearts of fans around the world. However, with every big multimedia sensation comes a few baffling missteps, and the Blue Blur is no exception. Below are 10 times Sonic got a little too zany by most conventional standards, though it should be noted we’ve only included officially sanctioned products in our list. Were we to get into some of the genuinely bizarre Sonic fan-projects produced on the internet, we’d be here all day.

10: Sonic CD’s Creepy Anti Piracy Screen

Many fans consider Sonic CD to be one of Sonic’s finest adventures, yet it still found a way to unsettle the heck out of everyone.

By entering a code on the game’s secret Sound Test menu, players can trigger this unreasonably spooky screen, complete with ominous music playing in the background. It’s believed that players who pirated the game would be “treated” to this Easter egg instead of the actual game, but no one is entirely sure whether that was the case.

9: Sonic 3 Happy Meal Toys

Okay, promotional McDonalds Happy Meal toys weren’t exactly uncommon during the 90s, but it’s the context behind the toys that makes them ridiculous.

See, at the time of their release, inexpensive Sonic toys were relatively hard to come by. For fans of Sonic who just wanted a way to play with their favorite hedgehog, they were more or less coerced into buying happy meals just to get what they want. Genius marketing? Perhaps, but they could have at least sold some promotional chili dogs to soften the blow.

 8: Shadow The Hedgehog’s Own Videogame


Shadow the Hedgehog was a fan favorite character in Sonic Adventure 2. As Sonic’s brooding rival, he added a slight dose of edge to the Sonic universe that resonated with pre-teen and teenage fans who originally played Sonic the Hedgehog as kids. Unfortunately, Sega tried to take that edge a step further with the spinoff Shadow the Hedgehog, resulting in one of the most out-of-place games in the Sonic canon.

If Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t make you think of guns, swearing, and grimy colored levels, then spoilers: those are all in this game. Even better, you need to beat the game 10 times just to see its final chapter. Though the game has its fans, critics said – and we quote – “this is a stupid way to spend 50 bucks.”

7: Angry Sonic The Hedgehog Funko Pop!


When we think of Funko Pop figures, we think of those cute beady eyes that make even the most serious of characters adorable. You’d think the design would be a perfect fit for Sonic, but… well, he wound up looking pretty angry instead.

We like to think this is an artistic representation of how Sonic reacted to Shadow the Hedgehog.

6: The Full Size Sonic The Hedgehog Costume


Can you imagine seeing someone in the costume saying “You’re too slow! C’mon, step it up!”

It’s okay, we cried too.

5: GK World Tails Doll


This one speaks for itself.

4: Sonic Underground

Most people know Jaleel White for his role as Steve Urkle in Family Matters, but he is also celebrated among Sonic fans as the voice of the iconic hedgehog in the beloved 90s Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons. Unfortunately, the folks at DIC Entertainment didn’t grasp the concept of “too much of a good thing,” and they gave us the musical anomaly known as Sonic Underground.

That’s right, with Jaleel White voicing all three lead characters, including Sonic’s sister Sonia, they sure did bank on the appeal of White’s nasally voice. Also, musical numbers include a song about how being a kid is cool, and a rap where they repeat “We are Sonic, Sonic Underground” no less than 4 times.

3: Sonic The Hedgehog Pixel Bricks


It’s more or less a set of Lego-style bricks that can be constructed to look like Sonic. It’s not an awful idea by any stretch, but many user reviews state that the instructions were a bit too vague for even adults to follow.

Makes you wonder why they didn’t just make a pixelated figurine that eliminated the need for small, easy to lose parts.

2: Sonic Dance Power


What’s the difference between Sonic Dance Power and any other compilation CD from the 90s (like NOW That’s What I Call Music!)? The answer: One has Sonic on the front, and… that’s basically it.

Yes, in spite of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise always boasting extremely memorable music and theme songs, the Sonic Dance Power series did not actually feature songs that had anything to do with Sonic. They weren’t even about Sonic like the Pokemon 2 B A Master CD was. The real kicker, though, was that at least one CD accidentally featured some explicit music despite being marketed to kids. Oops!

1: Sonic 06


Though technically called Sonic The Hedgehog, this 2006 reboot of the Sonic the Hedgehog series goes by many names. Names include “Sonic 06,” “Sonic Next Gen,” “Literally The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Sonic”, and of course, “That Sonic Game Where A Human Princess Brings Sonic Back to Life With A Kiss, Seriously.”

Released months before it was ready due to external pressures on the development team, Sonic 06 became instantly infamous for its myriad glitches, numerous lengthy loading screens that segued almost directly into more loading screens, convoluted storyline, and photorealistic human characters alongside cartoony Sonic characters. Now, is Sonic 06 really the worst Sonic game ever made? Though widely reviled, some Sonic fans have actually found redeeming qualities in this generally unfinished title. However, is it quite possibly the most ridiculous the Sonic series has ever been? You bet!

In fact, Sonic 06 was something of a rock-bottom of ridiculousness. Subsequent Sonic games would gradually go back to basics, culminating in Sonic Generations, a critically acclaimed title that literally involves the modern Sonic meeting his past self from his Sega Genesis days. Though the Hedgehog has had his ups and downs throughout the years, it’s the fans that have kept him alive by supporting him through his best and worst times. Here’s to you Sonic: May you keep entertaining us all with high quality titles and meme-worthy absurdity!

Written by TimM
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