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The world of Pokemon may be idyllically adorable and happy, but it sure has no problem getting creepy in the blink of an eye.

Seriously, Lavender Town and its Pokemon graveyard just appear out of nowhere in Pokemon Red and Blue, and how about that scene in the Pokemon Adventures manga where an Arbok is straight up chopped in half during battle (disclaimer: the Arbok turns out to be fine, somehow)? These brief, unsettling moments have led themselves to all sorts of Pokemon fan theories and creepy stories all over the internet, but perhaps that’s part of Pokemon‘s charm. Even if 99% of Pokemon is cool, cute, and awesome, that slight hint of creepiness gives horror buffs something to dig their teeth into.

If you’d like to see just how unsettling Pokemon can be, check out these four Pokemon who may look cute, but are more sinister than they seem.

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4: Shedinja


The very process of acquiring a Shedinja should tell you something’s wrong with it. After evolving the bug-type Nincada into Ninjask, players with an empty slot in their party will find the bug/ghost type Shedinja has joined their roster of Pokemon as well. The Pokedex tells us Shedinja is “a discarded bug shell that came to life,” which means this Pokemon is literally the molted skin of a Nincada. Ew.

What’s more, the Pokedex also tells us “This bizarre Pokemon is entirely immobile – it doesn’t even breathe,” and “peering into the crack on its back is said to steal one’s spirit.” Don’t be fooled by that halo, because Shedinja is no angel!

3: Yamask


Sure, Yamask is a ghost, but you’d think this silly mask-holding apparition would be more like a Caspar-the-friendly-ghost based on appearances. While Yamask won’t exactly try to steal your soul, its Pokedex entry gives us this disturbing detail:

“Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and they cry.”

The less you think of the implications of this, the better off you’ll be. At least the mask isn’t sickening to look at, ’cause raw face is just gross.

2: Gorebyss


The water type Gorebyss seems innocent enough, though that word “gore” in its name is a little off-putting. Turns out, there’s a reason for that.

The Pokedex entry for Gorebyss outright calls it “cruel,” stating “when it spots its prey, this Pokemon inserts its thin mouth into the prey’s body and drains the prey of its body fluids.” Yeesh, and they say these games are for kids!

1: Hypno


Oh Hypno, you walking personification of nightmares, let us count the ways in which you shake us to the core.

First of all, it’s said that “when [Hypno] is very hungry, it puts humans it meets to sleep, then it feasts on their dreams.” You read that right; humans! You may be thinking to yourself “that doesn’t seem so bad, it’s just dreams after all,” but consider that Hypno “can induce sleep in three seconds,” and “while this Pokemon searches for prey, it polishes [its] pendulum.” In other words, its not like Hypno just likes to eat a dream here and there and call it a day. No, Hypno is a bonafide hunter, and its list of potential victims includes you.

But wait, the true coup-de-grace that elevates Hypno to a terrifying creature is this factoid from the Pokedex: “There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.” How did this incident end, you may ask? No one knows! The Pokedex gives us no further information, meaning we’re left with a Pokemon who not only hunts humans, but has no problem kidnapping those it puts to sleep with horrifyingly effective hypnosis. The moral of this story? Never trust a Hypno. Besides, Alakazam is clearly the superior psychic-type.

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