These Statues are Mer-made for your collection!

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think our collection’s complete? Never! We’ve got 5 more mer-tastic statues to add to our world! When it comes to Little Mermaid statues, we’ve got the definitive list of must haves for any Disney or Ariel fanatic. Let’s dive on in, shall we?

Ariel and Prince Eric Snow Globe

Okay, maybe this is more “statue within a snow globe” than a statue in the purest sense, but we’re “shaking” things up! Ariel staring lovingly at Prince Eric’s statue is just so sweet, we’re adding it to our pile of thingamabobs. You’ll be hard pressed to get your fins on this retired piece, so snap one up for $80 when you can find it!

Seahorse Surprise Walt Disney Classics

Playful yet serene, this beautiful rendition of the Little Mermaid shows us why Ariel is her father’s favorite daughter. She’s so darn lovable, even the seahorses adore her and line up to listen as she whispers secrets. The whimsical statue…errrrr, excuse us, sculpture, would be delightful in any collection, but be prepared to spend as much as 175 clams to have one as your own!

Jim Shore Disney Traditions Under the Sea Musical Statue

Anyone who collects Disney knows that some of the best stuff comes from Jim Shore. And how ironic is it that a man named Shore crafted such an intricately detailed statue of our favorite mermaid? There’s a party going on underwater and everyone’s invited in this delightfully whimsical underwater interpretation of Ariel’s world. Heck, even the sturgeon and the ray, they get the urge to add this to their collection! Let’s hope they have $250 to shell over!

Part of Your World

What would we give, if we could add this to our collection? What would we pay, to get it still in the box? Even if you’re more into villains than princesses, this statue is for you! Ursula lurks below the exquisite water sculpt, adding just the right amount of menace! We’d happily pay $200 to add this beautiful statue to our collection. It leaves us speechless! (Get it? We crack ourselves up.)

Giuseppe Armani Disney’s Little Mermaid Statue

If we got our greedy little fins on this extremely rare and highly coveted statue, our collection would truly be complete! We’d even sign over our voice to the evil Ursula AND pay the $400 asking price if it meant we could have this beautifully crafted statue for ourselves. We’d be the envy of sea! This sophisticated collectible features demure colors to give it a dreamlike quality instead of the standard saturated Disney hues. Is your collection truly complete? Do you have all the thingamabobs and whozits and whatsits galore? Update and complete your treasure trove with any–or all!–of these wondrous statues.

Written by Gemr
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