Party like it’s Stardate 47457.1 (aka Picard Day)

Who’s best Star Trek captain? Well, that’s hotly debated and we’re NOT going to boldly go there just yet — because it’s Picard Day! Happy day to you, you brave, brash, beautiful, bald-headed man! If he didn’t already have a Number 1 in Riker, we’d gladly apply for a spot on the bridge. Captain Jean Luc Picard’s expressive face and gestures break the sound barrier and have generated hundreds upon hundreds of fantastic memes.

Even though it would have brought him endless embarrassment, we’ve gathered our top five favorite meme archetypes here for your Picard Day enjoyment. Along with each archetype, we’ve included clean, family friendly versions so everyone can get in on the fun!

The Bridge Point

Ah yes! No one quite commandingly gesticulates like our boy Picard! Even Riker is smug in the background knowing that things are about to get handled! Worf’s got Picard’s back, too. We all know he’d take a tachyon beam for his captain. This is a boss meme, and you know Picard’s about to get things DONE. Make it so!

Lounging Robe Style

Even the man in charge needs a break every now and again, and what better place than Risa, the planet of pleasure (we know a few Gemr employees who would take their vacations there if they could). It’s rare to see the Cap with his hair down (hahaha — we crack ourselves up), just enjoying life instead of fending off the Cardassians or enforcing the Prime Directive. His snug Starfleet uniform hints at an athletic build, but the goods are on full display in this captionable pic. You’ll find this meme with mostly risque wording, but don’t worry, we’ve kept it clean here. This isn’t 50 Shades of Earl Grey after all!

Highly Amused

Patrick Stewart is a classically trained Shakespearean actor, we’ll have you know! So it’s even more striking to see him pull a funny face. In a universe with Borg and the Duras Sisters, it’s nice to have a little levity now and then. Amused Picard is extra powerful because he’s typically stoic — so expect this meme to pack a little extra Picard punch. We are detecting that this meme is set to stun.

Pure, Unfiltered Exasperation

We’re pretty sure Picard is using –or at least thinking– some pretty strong language here. He’s probably explaining something to Wesley for the 100th time and still not getting through. Or he’s said a tongue-in-cheek quip that Data just isn’t computing. Either way, the Cap is frustrated, and it makes for quality memeing.

The World Famous Facepalm

Yes! The most ubiquitous and famous Picard (and possibly TNG) meme money can buy! Jean Luc is having none of your crap today. The replicator can’t get his Earl Grey just right, he’s executed the “Picard Maneuver” over 15 times — and it’s not even lunch. Perhaps Q has interfered with humankind and the Enterprise again. Obviously, Wesley is still a brown nosing Mary Sue. Picard is D-O-N-E. DONE. Execute this Picard facepalm whenever and wherever you find yourself exasperated. Bonus: The meme is so powerful, it has even been recreated in a beautiful bust. When life calls for reactions befitting a Starfleet Captain, don’t hide behind a cloaking shield. Embrace your inner Jean Luc and deploy a meme instead.

Written by Gemr
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