It’s official: the strange and unusual items on Adult Swim TV shows have gone from surreal to actually real.

Honestly, it was merely a matter of time. There are only so many episodes of Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule we can watch before someone decides that the world actually needs some “Toad’s Cream Chip Beef Corn Beef Combo Can” or a “Cinco MIDI Organizer.” As it turns out, thanks to the advent of storefronts like Etsy and tools like 3D Printing, it’s never been easier for ambitious fans to band together to make even the most outlandish collectibles a reality. We’re sure the people responsible for Adult Swim must feel especially proud in light of this, and they’re all probably smiling to themselves as they type their witty 15 second bumps to splice between their commercial breaks.

Think we’re kidding? Below are five Adult Swim collectibles that absolutely do exist, and it’s up to you to decide whether you believe it or not.


Futurama may not be an “Adult Swim show” in the most literal sense, but this replica of the Holophonor is just too cool to not talk about.

Described as being made in the 31st century, Futurama fans may recognize the Holophonor as the supernatural musical instrument Fry uses to try to win over Leela. While a functional Holophonor would obviously be impossible to recreate, prop designer Harrison Krix managed to make an incredibly faithful replica regardless. He details the entire design process on his blog, and the end result is absolutely worth checking out!

The Discography of Dethklok

Metalocalypse is a show detailing the misadventures of the fictional Metal band Dethklok, but the band’s music is no fantasy.

As a seasoned musician and avid metal-head, series creator Brendan Small is also the author of the many metal songs played by Dethklok on the show. As it turns out, Small would take the made-up band’s music one step further and release full Dethklok studio albums, even going as far as creating a real band which would tour under the Dethklok name. Four Dethklok albums are currently available, though a fifth may not be out of the question if the respective T.V. series is one day renewed.

Guild of Calamitous Intent Ring

Think coalitions of supervillians only exist in comic books? Well, you’re probably right, but you can still fool your friends with this ring bearing the Guild of Calamitous Intent insignia.

Yes, the infamous Venture Bros guild’s ring is not only real, but it’s popular enough to be sold on a variety of storefronts. No guarantees anyone will run away from you in fear if you wear it, nor do we recommend actually forming a guild of supervillians.

Robot Chicken Action Figures

Since its debut in 2005, the stop-motion sketch comedy Robot Chicken has won over fans with its use of pop culture characters in the form of toys similar to those seen throughout the 80s and 90s. That said, the show does feature a small cast of original characters, and these “fake” action figures on the show became available for purchase by the time the show hit its stride.

By adorning your room with the titular Robot Chicken action figure, you can remind your friends that this random sketch comedy does indeed have an overarching plot (and if they don’t believe you, tell them to watch episode 100).


When we published our April Fool’s article (which you did read, right?), we thought we were being original by referencing the Plumbus featured on Rick and Morty‘s famous Interdimensional Cable II episode. As it turns out, we’re not as original as we thought we were. pranked the world on April 1st by listing the Plumbus for sale, but unfortunately for Rick and Morty fans, it seems the listing was nothing more than a joke. However, that hasn’t stopped the show’s devotees from making their own custom-made Plumbuses! Whether its Etsy, Ebay, or some other online store, it’s never been easier to get a replica of this Rick and Morty item that mystifies the fanbase to this day. What’s more, while series co-creator Justin Roiland has been coy about the subject, it seems that official Rick and Morty Plumbuses are not out of the question either. In other words, everyone may in fact have a Plumbus in their home sooner than later.

So what does a Plumbus do, you may ask? Well everyone knows that, duh! We mean, everyone rushed to make the item a reality shortly after the episode aired, so obviously it’s not just a silly novelty commemorating an especially funny episode of the smash hit Adult Swim series. Now excuse us as we organize our MIDI files with our Cinco MIDI Organizer.


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Written by TimM
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