Deceptively Overpowered Pokémon Pachirisu

Ridiculously overpowered Pokémon that look cute and aren’t even legendary.

There are few joys greater in a Pokémon battle than seeing a cute, unsuspecting animal kick the butts of enemies that look way bigger and scarier.

In fact, this is exactly what happened during the 2014 Pokémon World Championship. Korean Pokémon player Se Jun Park shocked audiences by not only defeating the most talented trainers in the world, but doing it all with the help of Pachirisu, a lovable electric squirrel Pokémon considered too weak to hold its own in competitive battling. Heck, this legendary Pachirisu even survived an onslaught of attacks from Salamence and Tyranitar, two of the most fearsome Pokémon ever created! Yet the truth of the matter is, the Pokémon franchise sports tons of adorable monsters that can make even the most valiant trainers tremble in their boots. As the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Below are five Pokémon that may not look like much, but are in fact so powerful that their usage is rarely permitted in competitive Pokémon communities.


5: Blaziken

As the evolved form of the Generation 3 starter Pokémon Torchic, Blaziken went from strong, to weak, to legendary over the course of 8 years.

While Blaziken packed respectable offenses in its debut generation, Generation 4 introduced Infernape, an evolved starter with identical typing that seemed to render poor Blaziken obsolete. However, in a completely unexpected comeback, Blaziken became a powerhouse in Generation 5 thanks to its new hidden ability, Speed Boost: a move that increases a Pokémon’s speed each turn. By raising its attack power with moves like Swords Dance while simultaneously increasing its speed, Blaziken can theoretically be used to out-speed all opposition while fainting them before they can even act.

Needless to say, this is one kung-fu chicken that should not be underestimated.

Mega Mawile

4: Mega Mawile

As a seemingly cute Pokémon with horns that form a monstrous jaw, Mawile’s unusual design is bound to confuse potential onlookers. However, there’s nothing confusing about how shockingly strong its Mega Evolution is.

In its Mega-Evolved state, Mawile learns the ability Huge Power: a move that doubles a Pokémon’s attack power. This bumps Mawile’s attack stat to literally the highest out of all Pokémon as of Gen 5, trumping even the likes of Attack-Form Deoxys and Mega Mewtwo-X. We pity the Pokémon whose weakness is struck by this bulky bipedal brawler.

Aron level 1

3: Aron

You may be wondering why we’re talking about Aron as opposed to its fully evolved brother, Aggron. Well, as it turns out, a freshly hatched, level one baby Aron is capable of cheating the rules of the game and bringing even legendary Pokémon to their knees.

As detailed in a viral video by TheFlamingSpade, the keys to Aron’s success are the following: the moves Endeavor and Sandstorm, the ability Sturdy, and the item Shell Bell. Endeavor is a move that makes the opponent Pokémon’s health equal to the attacking Pokémon’s, meaning a level 1 Aron with 10 HP can effectively reduce 99% of an opponent’s health whose HP is normally in the hundreds. What’s more, since the ability Sturdy prevents a Pokémon from fainting if attacked at full health, many enemy Pokémon will be unable to take Aron down despite their vastly superior stats. Yet what really makes this set up cruel is the Shell Bell: an equipable item that restores a Pokémon’s health by a percentage of the damage it deals that turn. In other words, level 1 Aron can bring a foe’s health to single digits, endure attacks from full health, and heal itself back to full health since it will technically be dealing massive amounts of damage with Endeavor.

Oh, and due to Aron’s Steel/Rock typing, it will take no damage in Sandstorms while most enemies will be picked off by the weather effect. All of this from a baby Pokémon.

Mega Kangaskhan

2: Mega Kangaskhan

Speaking of babies, you don’t want to underestimate a mother scorned when facing Mega Kangaskhan.

After Mega-Evolving, Kangaskhan learns her signature ability Parental Bond, enabling her and her child to attack together. In other words, all of her attacks will be doing 50% more damage than they usually would. Combined with solid offenses and the bland-but-versatile Normal typing, you have one Pokémon who can send you to your room before you even realize you’re grounded.


1: Wobbuffet

Look at that big, blue, goofy Pokémon. There’s no way a silly looking monster like that could single-handedly fell even the mighty Arceus with some careful prediction, right?

Let me tell you why you should fear a properly trained Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet is a glutton for punishment. We mean that literally; its whole gimmick is absorbing damage with its astronomically high amount of health. However, thanks to the moves Counter and Mirror Coat, Wobbuffet is able to throw its enemy’s attack right back while doubling the potency of the attack. What makes Wobbuffet really devastating, however, is its ability Shadow Tag. Shadow Tag prevents an opposing Pokémon from fleeing or being switched out from battle, which means any Pokémon Wobbuffet faces becomes its prey. A trainer who can wisely assess their enemy can essentially use Wobbuffet as an ultimate trump card, getting a guaranteed KO against a Pokémon that they might otherwise have no way to beat.

Like all Pokémon, Wobbuffet isn’t impossible to counter. This should come as no surprise, a Pokémon whose purpose is to be hit will naturally take too much damage and faint. However, the fact that Wobbuffet was the first non-legendary Pokémon to be deemed “uber” by competitive battling hub Smogon should tell you how infamous it is. Wobbuffet may make you chuckle at a glance, but fighting one is no laughing matter.

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