Take out the chicken wings and pour yourself a tall one, because Super Bowl 50 is finally here!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than half a century since the Super Bowl first debuted. That may seem like a long time, but 50 years is only a drop in the bucket for such a wildly celebrated annual sports season. Football fans pour over pregame coverage and maintain their fantasy football teams, and even those who don’t care about football get caught up in the festivities. With the Carolina Panthers fighting for their first Super Bowl victory against the twice winning Denver Broncos, we’re sure Super Bowl 50 will be one to remember regardless of the outcome.

But hey, that’s just our take on the future of football. One thing we are sure of is how Super Bowl collectibles have spread like wildfire over the past 50 years, and we can’t pass up a chance to talk about the wackiest and rarest merchandise ever produced for fans of the sport. Join us as we look back at the history of Super Bowl Memorabilia.

5: Commemorative Mugs

If your friends and family know you’re a huge fan of professional pigskin tossing, chances are you’ve gotten a commemorative Super Bowl mug at some point.

This makes sense when you consider just how many Super Bowl mugs have been produced throughout the decades. Whether it’s a mug showcasing the match-up, a mug that celebrates the winning team, or just a mug with the Super Bowl number of that year inscribed, there’s an absolute ton of these things to collect. We’re sure avid collectors use their collections to host great coffee and tea parties.


4: The Budweiser Frogs

To many people, the Super Bowl is just as much about great commercials as it is great football. So when it comes to famous Super Bowl commercials, very few advertisements are as well known as the Budweiser Frogs.

While these three amphibians repeating “bud,” “weis,” and “er” could be seen as a relic of the 90s, these commercials started a profitable ad campaign for Budweiser that spawned many forms of frog merchandise in its wake. Sure, maybe the Budweiser Frogs don’t have a ton to do with football, but their link to the Super Bowl cannot be denied.


3: Left Shark

Speaking of things that don’t have a ton to do with football, here we have a shark that has trouble dancing on live television.

Yes, the infamous “Left Shark” from Katy Perry’s halftime show rendition of “Teenage Dream” swept the nation after failing to dance in sync with its fellow shark. Social media exploded with jokes about the shark, and Left Shark merchandise popped up all over the web shortly after. Leave it to the internet to turn an amusing yet mild mishap into one of the biggest memes of 2015.


2: Super Bowl Rings

As if winning the Super Bowl didn’t come with enough trophies, the players on the victorious team are also given gold and diamond Super Bowl rings to commemorate their victory. These rings have cost anywhere between $5,000 to $36,000 per ring to produce throughout history, so laymen looking to collect these need seriously deep pockets.

While many players wind up donating their rings to charity, others have auctioned them off for unbelievable amounts of money. To give an example, Lawrence Taylor made waves in 2012 by selling his Super Bowl XXV ring for over $230,000. That might be enough money to get a good seat at the actual game!

1: Super Bowl Tickets

With so many ways to celebrate a memorable Super Bowl, nothing better commemorates the day more than an actual Super Bowl ticket.

Yes, Super Bowl tickets themselves are highly collectible and oftentimes rare items. Because many attendees of the game discard their tickets after entering the arena, a well-kept ticket in good condition can easily sell for over $80 after the event is over. Though many collectors will fill out their collection with high quality replica tickets, nothing beats the memory of holding the actual ticket that granted entrance into one of the most iconic games in sports. In other words, if you’re lucky enough to be attending the Super Bowl this year, that ticket could be worth a lot of money in another 50 years.


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Written by TimM
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