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These Guitar collections are amazing… if they actually exist.

Massive guitar collections are like unicorns; you can read all about them online, but we’re not so sure if they’re for real.

Don’t get us wrong, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that certain guitar collectors have amassed more instruments than you could shake a six-stringed stick at. The problem is that the most famous of these collectors are legendary musicians, and it’s hard for our team to verify whether the information regarding these guitar collections is actually fact or fiction. With this in mind, below are five collectors who are said to have owned some of the largest guitar collections ever, and it’s up to you to decide whether the reports are exactly as they say.

Mike Slubowski Guitar Collection

5: Mike Slubowski

To kick off our list, let’s start with a man who is famed among musicians for his guitar-collecting passion.

You might not find Mike Slubowski’s name in your music library, but you’ve possibly seen one of his vintage guitars in videos across the internet. If you check out his collection of guitars, you’ll see that he has over 270 guitars on display!

Scott Chinery Guitar Collection

4: Scott Chinery

Scott Chinery is considered an eccentric man to say the least, but we can’t deny that he managed to assemble one heck of a collection.

Often credited as the man who made the world view guitars as works of art, Chinery’s collection became well known once he began to put his guitars on display at museum exhibits and other events. Though he died in 2000 at the age of 40, he still managed to accumulate over 1000 guitars.

Jimmy Page Guitar Collection

3: Jimmy Page

Alright, here’s where some of these collections may be exaggerated.

For anyone who’s even a casual fan of Led Zeppelin, guitarist Jimmy Page needs no introduction. While it’s common knowledge that he used many guitars throughout his career, the number of guitars he collected is said to be much, much greater than the number of axes he wielded onstage. It’s believed that Page owns upwards of 1500 guitars and keeps them in a warehouse, but conclusive reports regarding the exact amount are elusive. Either way, fans generally agree that Page definitely owns a ton of guitars.

Rick Nielsen Guitar Collection

2: Rick Nielsen

Rick Nielsen’s fabled guitar collection may not be as enormous as it once was, but trust us, his place on this list is no cheap trick.

As of now, Nielsen likely owns around 200 guitars. While that’s still an insane collection by normal standards, it pales in comparison to what it allegedly once was. Before he auctioned off his collectibles to “new homes where they can rock another day,” it’s believed Nielsen owned over 2000 guitars!

Keith Richards Guitar Collection

1: Keith Richards

Though Keith Richards and the other members of The Rolling Stones are often jokingly considered immortal, Richard’s guitar collection could literally be remembered forever if it’s as legendary as they say.

Starting from when his mother gave him his first guitar at the young age of 15, Keith had well over 50 years to build his guitar collection to what it is today. With that kind of time and the superstar status of being a Rolling Stone under his belt, it should be no surprise to hear Richards reportedly owns over 3000 guitars! Though the exact number of his guitars is a matter of hearsay, the world famous guitarist has been known to talk extensively about his collection. In fact, perhaps the most ironic twist to Richard’s endless guitar supply is that he claims he can “make ’em all sound the same” in just five minutes.

So there you have it; if the man who owns over 3000 guitars can make them all sound the same, then perhaps you’re better off with only two or three guitars that have distinguishable sounds. Always remember the reliable idiom of quality over quantity, even if it seems fun to fill a warehouse full of expensive guitars.

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