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Marvel and DC may be rival companies, but their superheroes do have one thing in common: inordinately rare figures.

While comic book toys are usually released and re-released in mass quantities, some collectibles slip through the cracks and become extremely hard to find. Below are 6 Marvel and DC figures that have become elusive to the point of infamy among collectors.

6: Light Blue Marvel Universe Bullseye


Hasbro’s 3.75 inch Marvel Universe figurine series quickly found favor among comic book fans after its 2009 debut, due to portraying an extensive roster of superheroes that would continue to grow in the following years. However, the first wave of the Marvel Universe line would become notorious for the rarity of the light blue Bullseye figure.

Yes, specifically the light blue variant; the dark blue variant remains common to this day. Though this exact version of Bullseye won’t necessarily run for exorbitant amounts of cash if you find it, don’t expect to find mass quantities of it on the market at any given moment.

5: 8” Mego Spiderman


Looking to own one of the oldest superhero action figures around? Try finding a 1970s Mego action figure, or more specifically, the Mego 8” Spiderman figure.

This 1974 collectible is often avaliable for $30 loose, but in mint condition, it can easily run for over $100.

4: Toy Fair 2012 Iron Man and Captain America Lego Minifigures

Sporting unorthodox designs by Lego standards, these Marvel miniatures would be highly sought after regardless of how hard they are to obtain. Of course, their extreme rarity helps pique the curiosity of collectors as well.

Only 125 of each were made to celebrate the 2012 Toy Fair, so good luck finding these nowadays!

3: Superman Cinemaquette


Figures most often become rare because they are discontinued or under-produced. However, sometimes, just sometimes, they become rare because they’re way too extravagant for the average person to ever afford.

Take, for example, Toynami’s 29” Superman Cinemaquette. You could have picked up one of these during the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con for the low price of $2000.

2: Attack Armor Batman


Mattel’s 2004 Attack Armor Batman may not be recognized as a rare figure internationally, but for North American collectors, its reputation precedes it.

Initially released exclusively in Europe and Australia, it took a long time for this Attack Armor Batman to find its way to the United States. However, it was only for sale through Toys R Us, and it would never be seen in North America again after its initial run. What’s worse, with the sheer number of “Attack Armor Batman” figures that have since been released, even searching for it can be an ordeal. Anyone who has this elusive figure in their collection can take pride in knowing that they have one of the hardest to obtain Batman items ever!

However, if you wanted to take your Batman collection up yet another notch, you could perhaps look for…

1: Nomura Batman Robot


Yes, a Batman figure rarer than the Attack Armor Batman, and even older than the 8” Mego Spiderman. You may not have heard of this robotic Batman from the 1960s, but you will certainly wish you owned one.

Released exclusively in Japan, the Nomura Batman Robot is a battery-operated figure that can walk forward on its own and even light up its head. Otherwise, aside from its somewhat box-shaped legs and vaguely unsettling eyes, it’s not that unusual. However, this figure is rare enough to fetch over $5000 if sold in mint condition!

Best of luck if you ever aspire to get your hands on this infamous Batman bot.

Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on Destructoid.com.