Fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight ain’t easy, and neither is obtaining the rarest Sailor Moon collectibles!

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Often cited as the origin of the forever popular “Magical Girl” anime genre, the Sailor Moon franchise has spawned endless spinoffs and merchandise since its debut in 1991. It’s only natural, then, that certain Sailor Moon collectibles would become extremely hard to find throughout the past 25 years. Below are 6 items that are more difficult to come by than a talking cat!


6: Sailor Moon Super Diana Plush

This plush toy of Diana from Sailor Moon Super S is as soft as you’d hope any toy cat would be, but good luck actually getting your hands on one!

If you manage to find this Super Diana online, expect to cough up $90 or more.


5: Sailor Stars Poster

As we’ve discussed before, promotional posters are scarcely found in good condition. As if to prove our assertion right, this Sailor Stars poster is so rare that even relatively high quality copies of it need to have their blemishes edited out in Photoshop!

Landing one of these for yourself could cost hundreds of dollars, on top of already expensive import fees of course.


4: 90s Orgel

The surprisingly ornate Orgel Star Locket toy from the early 90s has long been a sought-after item among Sailor Moon fans. Although these lockets were re-released in 2015 in celebration of the ongoing Sailor Moon Crystal anime, the original versions are still valuable collectibles.

Considering that even the new version of the Orgel doesn’t always come cheap these days, we shutter thinking about how pricey a vintage one would be in mint condition.


3: Hong Kong Sailor Moon Tickets

It’s hard to believe that train tickets could ever be considered “collectibles” by any stretch of the imagination, but these “souvenir tickets” from the MTR train service in Hong Kong proves otherwise.

Not only were these tickets exclusively sold in Hong Kong, they were only available for three weeks during October, 2011. Yet after glancing over the unique and high quality artwork adorning the tickets, it’s easy to see why fans would go to great lengths to keep these keepsakes for themselves.

2: Sera-Myu Gashapon Figure

Did you know there was a series of Sailor Moon musicals in Japan? Known as “Sera-Myu,” an abbreviation of “Sailor Moon Musical” in Japanese Katakana, these shows were actually popular enough to get their own collectibles from time to time!

This special edition figure was only distributed to winners of a lottery during a 10th anniversary Sailor Moon event, and it’s said only 2000 of these were ever produced. Finding one of these in mint condition would be an impressive feat indeed! Moon1

1: Volume Infinity Artbook

High quality art books are always a special treat for anime and manga fans. They usually offer a behind-the-scenes look at a story’s characters and setting, and they make for excellent tabletop decorations as well. The Sailor Moon Volume Infinity Artbook offers all of this and more to fans of the Sailor Scouts, but unfortunately the book is more famous for being extraordinarily difficult to find.

Self-published by series creator Naoko Takeuchi in 1997, this 72 page book contains artwork from both Takeuchi herself and members of the Sailor Moon anime staff. However, because the book was printed in such limited numbers and was only ever on sale during a summer festival, Volume Infinity has become one of the rarest art books ever created for any anime or manga. Though the contents of the book can fortunately be viewed online, surviving copies of the book have been said to have sold for anywhere between $200 and $2,000!



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