The Car Whisperer

Meet Blue Nelson, an auto dealer and collector who travels the world in search of rare rides.


Deep in the San Fernando Valley, on a street lined with California bungalows, Blue Nelson has one of the country’s most eclectic collections of hard-to-find automobiles. The 46-year-old assistant director has, for the past seven years, pursued a side career as a sort of car detective, tracking down and restoring vehicles that his clients might have seen decades ago, thousands of miles away. He has traveled to 110 countries finding cars for his high-end clients while also adding to his own fleet, which includes an extremely rare 1962 twin-grille Porsche roadster and a late-’40s Plymouth business coupe. Yet Nelson is far from elitist. “It’s not necessarily about the caliber of your car,” he says, “but how much you enjoy it.”

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