The Five Coolest Toys at the 2016 Toy Fair


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The 113th North American International Toy Fair was held Feb.13 through Feb.16 in New York City and caused a lot of buzz in the world of collectors. The Javits Center was filled with hundreds of thousands of toys ranging from robots and Lego sets to new DC Collectibles and Nendoroids. While there were countless impressive toys on display, we’ve compiled a list of the five coolest toys you have to get your hands on this year.

1. CHiP

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Known as the world’s first lovable robot dog, CHiP is a small white robot with bright blue eyes that responds to a “smart-band”. The dog gets hungry, goes to sleep and demands attention from its owner. If you can’t get a real dog, CHiP may be a suitable alternative.

2. Mattel’s Hello Barbie Dreamhouse

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Barbie’s Dreamhouse got a whole new makeover. The doll’s mansion features a voice-recognition technology that allows the owner to control things inside the house such as the shower, lights and oven. You can even tell the house to activate party mode and it will play music. Barbie is living the dream!

3. Mattel’s ThingMaker 3D Printer

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This affordable 3D printing machine allows the owner to design and print their own action figures and jewelry. In order to do this, you must download the ThinkMaker app and choose the material you want your toys to be made of as well as the designs and colors. Super futuristic. 

4. SH Figuarts Super Mario Bros. Bowser and Enemies

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Bandai-Tamashii Nations has recently added a whole new line of SH Figuarts Mari figures including Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Fire Mario and Boo/Koopa/Bullet Bill packs. Next to come are Bowser, a Hammer Brother and Lakitu. Super Mario and company are taking over the world!

5. Themed Lego Sets

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This year’s Toy Fair brought several noteworthy Lego sets including DC, Marvel, Doctor Who and Star Wars themes. Many of the sets are equipped with detailed Minifigures like one on a motorcycle portraying actor Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters! There were plenty of extravagant Star Wars sets as well including Rey figures, the Ghost Microfighter and the Resistance X-Wing Fighter.