The golden sands of Folkestone: artist buries £10,000 of bullion on beach

Artist Michael Sailstorfer has buried gold bars in Folkestone’s Outer Harbour and once the tide is out it’s finders keepers – Will you be digging for treasure? 

X marks the spot!

That ‘X’ is at Folkestone Beach, the sandy stretch of a little port town located on the English channel.  Where, more exactly, you might be wondering?  All of it.  As part of a project, “German artist Michael Sailstorfer has buried gold bullion in the sand of the Outer Harbour beach and once the sea is out, people will be able to come and dig for it.”

There were 30 gold bars buried in the sand that equal £10,000 and at 4pm today when the tide went out they would be there for the taking.  Why didn’t we hear about this??  

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