With the 2016 Oscars ceremony taking place in a few days, there’s never been a better time to remember the most iconic memorabilia from award winning movies.

After all, there have been a lot of movies produced in the past 88 years. Can you believe there were 11 Best Picture winners before Gone With The Wind took home its own trophy? To add more perspective, it’s been over 70 years since Casablanca came out, and over 50 years since The Sound of Music. Just watching all the Best Picture winners alone would take over 8 consecutive days in a row, let alone all the other nominated movies throughout the years. Even if the award season can get a little silly with the never-ending advertisements and all the celebrity cameos, the Oscars give us a tangible way to remember the greatest films to ever hit the silver screen.

While we don’t have the time or space to celebrate every Oscar winner, we decided to do the next best thing and cover some of the most iconic movie memorabilia to enter pop culture. Though your pockets may not be deep enough to collect some of the following items, we’re sure many of them will bring back fond memories.

8: The Elder Wand

Harry Potter fans may recoil in horror at the sight of the Elder Wand, but that doesn’t stop this item from being a distinctly prized possession.

While replicas of the wand do exist, one dedicated fan paid approximately $9,750 for the actual movie prop in a 2013 auction.

7: Mary Poppins’ Umbrella

Has there ever been an umbrella more iconic than the one featured in Mary Poppins? In fact, how many umbrellas could we actually call iconic to begin with?

From manufactured recreations to do-it-yourself guides for making your own, the unique parrot-head umbrella has lived on in our hearts and minds for over 50 years. That said, we’re still unsure of the whereabouts of the original movie prop.

6: The Terminator

Not only is the T-800 a classic character and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature movie rolls, it’s also a famous piece of movie memorabilia as well.

Many of us may have had a T-800 action figure at one point in our lives, but the fan who wanted the full-scale model used in the movies took it a step further by paying roughly $480,000 during an auction.


5: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Little Black Dress

Enough about The Terminator, what about Breakfast at Tiffany‘s? We think we remember the film, and as we recall, we think we all kind of liked it. However, Audrey Hepburn’s classic black dress is probably one thing we don’t have.

Designed by French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, the little black dress changed the fashion world forever and remains a popular “vintage” design. It’s a good thing that replicas exist in great quantities, as the original dress sold for $650,000 when it was auctioned off.


4: Doc and Marty’s DeLorean

With 2015 being the unofficial year of Back to the Future, there’s not much to be said about the DeLorean. If you don’t know what the DeLorean is, then do yourself a favor and watch Back to the Future for yourself. Seriously, we didn’t go crazy about hoverboards last year just because they sounded neat.

It’s said that seven DeLorean cars were built for the film, but only three had survived by 2011. One of the remaining cars was sold at an auction, with proceeds partially going towards the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.


3: The One Ring

Even if the glistening gold ring looks enticing, Lord of the Rings fans know to be wary of the One Ring’s underlying sinister machinations.

Believe it or not, though the original rings used in the movie were given to Elijah Wood and Andy Serkis (who played Frodo Baggins and Gollum respectively), they have not been auctioned to this day. Jens Hansen, the goldsmith who designed the ring, fortunately makes replicas in spite of this.


2: Dorothy’s Blue Dress

Dorothy’s humble farm dress may lack the mystique of Hepburn’s classic black dress listed above, but would you believe it wound up being the more valuable outfit?

Yes, it’s true, and we’re not talking about a small margin here either. During a New York auction in 2015, the original blue dress from the movie sold for – brace yourself – $1,565,000. It is said to be one of two outfits used by Judy Garland, which makes those $30 Dorothy Halloween costumes seem like a steal in comparison.


1: The Death Star

As one of the key fixtures of the original Star Wars movie, the Death Star has been the subject of many toys and figurines since 1977. However, the original movie prop is a genuine one of a kind, and the legacy it left since its movie debut has been fascinating.


If you were to ask Lucasfilm what happened to the Death Star following the movie’s production, you would be told that it was destroyed. However, when the studio holding all of the movie’s props was forced to have its contents discarded, an employee named Doug had the presence of mind to save the Death Star along with select other set pieces from the movie. Doug reportedly kept the prop for a decade before giving it to his mother’s antique shop in 1988, which caught the eye of dedicated Star Wars collector Todd Franklin, who was positive that he was indeed staring down an authentic piece of memorabilia. While researching the item, Franklin unfortunately missed his chance to grab the priceless collectible before it went to a music show called Star World. Yet as luck would have it, Star World closed down 5 years later and was having its inventory liquidated. The Death Star was the one item that remained in the inventory, and Franklin was finally united with this one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia that other Star Wars fans could only dream of owning.

Oscars_11Though the item has since changed hands over the years, the Death Star has remained within the Star Wars community for fans to appreciate and maintain for as long as they can. The story remains a classic tale among collectors of memorabilia, but it goes to show how something that would be considered trash by even its original creators could be a prize to so many others.

Even if the average layperson won’t be walking on stage at an award show to receive a glistening movie trophy, timeless treasures such as these are worth more than their weight in gold.

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Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on Destructoid.com.