The Supergroup That Never Was: The History of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and the Powerhouse

Before Blind Faith — before Cream, even — an attempt was made to create a group around Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

Eric Clapton is a rock music legend, so why didn’t Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse ever make it past the recording studio?  

It was 1966 when Elektra Records decided the music industry needed a new all star group (mainly because all of the good blues groups were already spoken for by other record labels).  Logically, their next step was to turn to Eric Clapton as lead guitarist, which should have destined them for musical gold.  Elektra then outfitted the band with 5 more members who were widely known at the time.  Or at least in the UK.  Apparently no one in the U.S. knew who any of these guys were and they quickly ditched the unknown name of The Powerhouse and Clapton and two of his bandmates created Cream shortly after.

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