No Bat-fan’s day is complete without Batman Gifts

Finding a gift for the Bat-fan who has everything can be hard (trust us, we’ve been there). So over time we have amassed a list of things that every Batman fan will love. These Batman gifts are fit for any Batcave and will be sure to make that brooding Bat crack a smile. Suit up and sit down, because it’s time for our top ten gifts!

Batman Through The Years Mug

Sometimes to get moving in the morning, you need a reminder of where you’ve been. Every bat-fan needs a mug that shows the many faces of Batman. We recommend getting one for them, and one for you.

Get the mug for $16!

Rubber Ducky

Justice doesn’t sleep, but it does bathe! Take the fight to the bathtub with this excellent floating hero. Gotham will relax safer knowing that somewhere out there is a duck who’s cleaning up the streets.

Get the Duck for $9!

Utility Belt

Does your belt feel a little… underutilized? What you need is something a little more useful — something that will make you feel downright heroic! We have you covered. This utility belt looks good with any outfit — but we will admit we think it looks best when you’re fighting crime.

Get the Utility Belt for $30!

Batmobile Slippers

If you can’t afford a batmobile to cruise around your city, how about a pair of batmobile slippers to cruise around your house? Crime will never get in the way of your trip to the kitchen when you’re wearing these speedy slippers! But you better peel out of here if you want a pair before they’re all gone!

Get the Batmobile Slippers for $18!

Bat Signal

If you have trouble leaving the Batcave in the morning (we know we do), it’s time for some motivation! This little Bat-signal will have you zooming off into the dangerous streets of Gotham in no time. There’s only one downside to this awesome gift –Commissioner Gordon is not included.

Get the Bat-Signal for $16!

Batman Training Guide

Are you striving to be like the Bat, but don’t know where to start? Become the hero Gotham deserves with a handy training guide. Get yourself into shape — BAT-SHAPE — with a guide to becoming the next caped crusader. No superpowers needed! (You might need a bit of cash, though…)

Get The Batman Handbook for $26!


Only the best heroes get a pair of Converse made with their face on them — and Batman is that hero! Now you won’t have to leave your collection at home or stick to gimmicky tee shirts. It’s time to up your Batman game with kicks!

Get Batman Converse for $140!

The perfect Mirror

Even Batman has to make sure he looks good, so why wouldn’t he have a bat-shaped mirror? Even better, it lights up for all those dimly lit Batcaves out there. Make sure to groom before dashing off to dazzle at the latest gala as Bruce Wayne — or to straighten your cowl before you go off to fight crime.

Get the Bat Mirror for $40!

The Cutest Posable Armored Batman Ever

We know you have a lot of Batman figures already (we have wayyyyyy too many in our office), so we thought we would offer you something a little different. Sure, Batman vs. Superman was not quite the stellar film we hoped it would be, but we have to admit — the armor was AWESOME.

When we found out that the Good Smile Company made an Armored Batman Nendoroid, we had to put it on this list. It is adorable and way different than almost all the figures we already have. Even better? It’s fully posable.

Get the Nendoroid Armored Batman for $63!

Make Them Batman

There is no greater gift than helping someone become that which they idolize most. This fitted cowl will turn your friend from Bruce Wayne to Batman in a matter of moments. All they will have to do is get a cape, spray on some abs, and practice the voice. Just don’t go jumping off of buildings.

Get the Batman Mask for $22!


Written by Gemr
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