These People Love to Collect Radioactive Glass. Are They Nuts?

If you know anything about collecting glass, you know that Vaseline is the “catch-all” term that describes pressed, pattern, and blown glass in numerous shades of colors. And, if you know anything about Vaseline glass, you know it gets its color from radioactive uranium, which allows it to glow under a black light. Cool, right? Well, anyone who comes in contact with Vaseline glass will be irradiated. Don’t worry though, the amounts of uranium in Vaseline glass are so tiny that you won’t feel it. In fact, we catch many times more radiation every day than we would coming in contact with Vaseline glass.

“Even if radioactivity is the thing that makes Vaseline glass cool, it’s not what makes Vaseline glass glow,” says Barrie Skelcher, who’s written two Vaseline glass books of his own. “It’s the chemistry of uranium that makes Vaseline glass glow, not radioactivity,”

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