Think You’re A Collector? Check Out This Couple

You name it, they collect it.  Garth and Sharon Scott have amassed an extensive collection of items that range from elvis memorabilia to a wooden Indian to a 1960 refrigerator with a Harley Davidson motif and just about everything in between.  Their collection seemingly has no rhyme or reason to it besides representing everything that’s happened in their personal lives as well as culturally over the last 50 years of their marriage.

Their collection has grown so large, in fact, that the Scott’s have built an entire two story garage just to hold their collectibles.  Unlike some collections, the items don’t just accumulate dust while they get neglected for years.  Instead, Garth takes pride in a neat display of his items and arranges them in a way that tells a story of time.

Also unlike many other collections, the Scott’s collection has no apparent theme; they seem to collect anything and everything they fancy.  When asked about this, Garth responds, “I like history”.

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