Three Easy Steps to Starting a Killer Comic Book Collection

Collecting comics seems easy in theory, but a big pile of comics does not make a collection. Worthpoint’s Matt Baum offers three easy steps to creating a killer collection.

So if a vast amount of comics doesn’t make a collection, then what does?  Matt Baum of online valuation company Worthpoint explains that no matter how many comics you have in your possession, the key to a stash becoming a real collection is organization.  Alphabetically, numerically, by age, creator, hero, the grouping possibilities are endless.  Pick one and get organized.  Once you get organized, follow Baum’s three fool proof steps to have a collection all your friends are jealous of.

1. Focus – Baum emphasizes the importance of not letting your collection run your life.  Stay focused on what it is you’re collecting to avoid a stint on the next episode of Hoarders Buried Alive.

2. Be Realistic – Don’t set unrealistic goals that will only disappoint you and derail your collection.  You may never be able to own a full set or only mint condition comics, and that’s okay.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest – You might need to invest a little bit of money to complete a collection.  Remember, it’s still worth it even if the comic isn’t in perfect shape if it’s one you’re hung up on.

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