Tiger Morse: Fashion Guru and Andy Warhol Star

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Tiger Morse.  We won’t judge you.  But read this first.

Her real name was Joan ‘Tiger’ Morse and she was part of New York’s exclusive group of elite socialites in the 1960’s.  As a mod fashion designer she created pieces that worked to innovate the industry with the help of other contemporary designers such as the well known fashion giant Betsey Johnson.  This bought her the right to shmooze the New York night life with all of the creatives at the time and she even became Andy Warhol’s muse in his 1967 film entitled, Tiger Morse.  

When she wasn’t posing on set with Andy Warhol she could be found at her mod clothing shop, Teeny Weeny where she outfitted all of Manhattan in her bright colored mini dresses and “fashion oddities” such as “a silver mini dress made out of Mylar and wired with pulsing lights”.  Wouldn’t that be a sight today?  Every fashion era requires those extravagant designers to influence the fashion world at large.  Reiterations of Morse’s work can still be seen today, though maybe more commonly in a slightly muted down version.

As for Warhol’s film that became her namesake – you can count on it being absurd.  Tiger Morse features the designer high on amphetamines giving a 33 minute monologue about relevant issues flowered with her eccentric take and obscenities along with a lengthy discussion on her obsession with disco balls.  I wouldn’t expect any less of Warhol’s work.

Read the source article at MoMA | Museum of Modern Art