When it comes to Halloween collectibles, fans suffered a very long dry spell. For a long time, there really wasn’t much fans could buy to have a piece of their favorite movie. From time to time something would release, but there wasn’t much to keep us happy. In recent years, however, that has changed. It seems the whole horror community has caught the Michael Myers bug and some of the biggest names in collecting have heard our cries. To celebrate the Michael Myers boom, we hunted down the top ten collectibles that Halloween has spawned since it’s release way back in 1978. And while in no way is this list definitive, we’re dying to get our hands on any of these – but we might have to lower our expectations a little – ‘cuz some of these are way over our budget.

10. Halloween 2018 7” Action Figure – Ultimate Michael Myers from NECA

For a handful of years, NECA has been the name in affordable horror figures. They have a line for just about every major franchise, and they show no sign of slowing down. Right now, however, our favorite NECA release has to be the Halloween 2018 Ultimate Michael Myers. Yes, we know, it’s not the classic Michael, but with the updated sculpt, the multitude of weapons, and the three different heads, this figure is slashing through the competition. The good news is, this figure fits most budgets, and at about $40 we highly recommend you pick one up before they disappear from shelves.

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9. Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers 2018 Mask

Yeah, we know we’re hitting the 2018 Halloween hard, but the film is the highest grossing slasher movie in history, and it’s rekindled the Halloween collectible scene in a big way. There is nothing more iconic, and more worth adding to your collection, then a replica mask – and the Michael Myers (2018) mask from Trick or Treat Studios is not only incredibly detailed but comes directly from the Chris Nelson sculpt (which means you can’t get any closer to a screen-used mask than this). Use it for cosplay or keep it on your shelf: either way, it’s realistic enough to scare anyone who comes into your display room. We do have one little bit of bad news: the first run of masks sold out — BUT, it is available for preorder, and at $60, it’s a steal for such a good piece.

8. Sideshow Collectibles ⅙ Scale Michael Myers

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We’re finally getting to the classic Halloween stuff. Sideshow Collectibles is one of those companies we watch like a… well, like Michael Myers watches his victims. A few years back they released a 1/6 scale Myers that perfectly captures our favorite murderer (is it weird we have a favorite murderer?). Like all Sideshow Figures, it was limited run, and with the shortage of good Halloween stuff, it sold out quick. They only made 7,500 units of this incredible figure, and being an older release, it’s been gone for a while, so if you want one, you’ll have to head to eBay or other sites. Expect to spend at least $200 to get your hands on one.

7. Threezero ⅙ Scale The Curse of Michael Myers Figure

If you thought the Sideshow Collectible’s 1/6 scale figure was good, Threezero one-ups it. Their Curse of Michael Myers figure is one of the best on the market. Well, it would be, if it wasn’t sold out. Sideshow actually worked with Threezero on the figure and sold it through their site, but Threezero still gets the credit for the work. It’s the details that set this apart from the older Sideshow figure. While it comes with fewer accessories, the cloth work on the work suit and shoes, along with the details on the mask and knife, make this a must-have for any discerning collector. The price tag can be a bit of a shock, but if you have the $350 it sells for aftermarket, this is a must buy.

6. Curtis Richards’s novelization of Halloween

Typically, when you talk movie-based collectibles, you think about figures and props – not books. But in the case of Halloween, a book is one of the rarest collectibles you can find. And following the astounding box office success of Halloween upon its release in 1978, writer Curtis Richards was hired to pen a mass market paperback novelization. The ensuing book was released with two covers. One featured the film’s classic poster artwork, and the other, a figure clutching a butcher knife, wrapped in a sheet and wearing an odd jack o’ lantern for a head. It’s this latter variant cover that’s as hard to track down as Michael Myers himself. Getting your hands on one is going to be tricky – it’s rare to see it go up for sale. If you do manage to hunt one down, expect to pay as much as $500.

5. Halloween Mondo Print by Jock

If you don’t know about Mondo, they are known as the fan’s poster company. We are serious when we say movie posters are advertisements. They are designed with no other purpose than to tell you who is in a film and get you just excited enough to buy a ticket. Mondo doesn’t think that is the way it should be. They take another path. Mondo makes posters in honor of the film, not to sell it. They capture the essence of the story, and the feeling you get watching it, in one beautifully designed poster. Their works are on the walls of fans all over the world. So it shouldn’t surprise you when we tell you the short run posters go fast – really fast. This particular Halloween print by Jock, showing Michael Myers leering iconically amidst clotheslines was limited to 150. Finding one is going to be a harrowing experience, as it’s been sold out for a while. If you do happen to find one, you can expect to shell out around $600 for the honor of owning it.

4. Ones Customs ⅙ Scale Michael Figure

If you don’t know about Ones Customs, you should. He is one of the best custom figure artists we’ve ever seen. The man is a genius with horror icons, and everything he makes is something to scream about. His classic Michael figure is, in our opinion, the single best Halloween figure on the market. The sculpt is lovingly crafted to be screen accurate with every detail carefully embellished. The clothing is handcrafted by Tinela Ayres, making it fit each character perfectly. Only 31 were ever made, and would kill to get our hands on one (okay not really, but also kinda). They currently sell, if you’re lucky enough to find one on the second-hand market, for at least $1,000. But from those in the know, this figure rarely goes up for sale. The people who bought them are holding on to them for keeps. But you can find all of his stuff on his Facebook or his Instagram — and if you’re lucky, you might snag something from a future run.

3. The screen-used, cast and crew signed Elrod cutting board from Halloween II

Here’s where we get to holy grail level items. We would lose our minds if we owned a screen used prop from the Halloween series. Right now we don’t have that honor – but we know someone who does. Sean Clark is one of the world’s most prominent collectors of screen used horror props, and we recently had the honor of visiting his collection. This particular prop is signed by the cast and crew of Halloween II. Getting something screen used is impressive enough, but getting it signed by the people who made it iconic? That’s on another level. If you want to see more of Sean’s fantastic Halloween collection (and his other Horror props), check out our web series Collection Complete, where we show off the collections of directors, artists, and our personal heroes. They’ve all got stuff that will make you scream with envy.

2. JC Shat H1 Nightowl Michael Myers mask by James Carter

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We’ve already put one mask on the list, and for its price, it’s good. But if you want something thoroughly screen accurate, you need something else. If you want a mask so convincing people will ask if you actually bought the prop, the JC Shat H1 Nightowl by James Carter is the one. There is no finer replica on the market. You know it’s good when a single mask sells for around $800. To people who don’t get it, this is just a Halloween mask. But to collectors like us? This is a dream item.

1. The screen-used Michael Myers mask from Halloween and Halloween II

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The ultimate holy grail of Halloween collecting. If there is one item any fan would say they would do anything to own, it’s gotta be the original screen-used Michael Myers mask worn by Dick Warlock. This mask was so elusive, most people didn’t know where it was for more than a decade, but we know where it is now. Like many props, people thought it had been discarded or squirreled away forever (you won’t believe how many famous movie props have been rescued from the trash), but in 2017 it turned up! Mark Roberts posted photos and let fans know he’s been hanging onto it for the last 15 years.

Mark has been building running haunts for nearly 30 years. Wanting to bring something unique to his haunt goers, he connected with the agent of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Gunnar Hansen in order to book an appearance. It turns out that at the same time, his agent also represented Dick Warlock (Halloween II’s Michael Myers). Delighted at the knowledge, Mark booked Dick for an appearance as well. While working together, Dick let on that he still had the mask and several of the props from his time as The Shape. He wouldn’t take them out for appearances, but he mentioned that he would be willing to part with them. Eventually, Mark decided to jump on the offer, and he bought not only the original Halloween mask, but also the scalpel and the boots Dick wore and brandished in Halloween II! Mark displayed these when Dick Warlock came to make appearances, but now keeps them safely tucked away, so that they don’t degrade.

There were rumors that he had the mask restored, but Mark has refuted these claims. He keeps it in an airtight container in the dark to preserve it, and he claims it’s in the same condition as it was when he bought it. Like many prop collectors, he struggles with the battle between restoration and original condition. Is it really the original mask if you have it restored? Or does it become something new?

We tend to fall on the restoration side of this debate, we love to see things as they were in the movie – but we don’t knock anyone who believes in the purity of original condition. Mark has no intention of selling, and just like us, he understands he is holding on to the holy grail of horror memorabilia.

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