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It ain’t easy being an Amiibo collector. Gamers and collectors immediately took a shine to the Nintendo collectibles, but the scarcity of the figures has been a dilemma. The demand is in fact so strong that Amazon has specified blocks of time for specific Amiibo to go on sale, just to ensure collectors get a fair shake at buying their favorite characters.

Nintendo has stated they “[plan] to make it easier for consumers to know when new Amiibo are on the way,” but the hunt for rare figures rages on. Below are Amiibo so elusive that fans call them “unicorns.”

AmiMeta210: Meta Knight

Like ninjas in the night, these Best Buy exclusive figures disappeared the moment they were noticed. Meta Knight isn’t the hardest wave 3 Amiibo to find, but it can still run for over $33.


AmiKirby29: Kirby

We swear we weren’t trying to put two characters from the Kirby franchise next to each other; they’re both just that rare!

As a debuting figure among the first wave of Amiibo, Kirby can suck $35 out of you to obtain.


AmiFit8: Wii Fit Trainer

Let’s stretch our shoulders, and our wallets! Similar to the pink puffball, Wii Fit Trainer can be found for around $35.


AmiRos7: Rosalina

Picking up Rosalina at launch was a hard time for collectors. Not only was the wave 3 galaxy queen a Target exclusive, but scalpers also bought the figure in bulk to create artificial scarcity.

Rosalina is slightly easier to find these days, but prices still fluctuate between $35-$50.


AmiRob26: R.O.B

The Robotic Operating Buddy may be friendly, but it’s also high maintenance.

Those lucky enough to snag the Gamestop exclusive robot have a collectible worth roughly $40 on their hands.


AmiPalu25: Palutena

Fortune smiles upon you if you pre-ordered the Amazon exclusive Palutena. The online vendor still lists the figure, but it’ll cost you $40.


AmiRobin4: Robin

Robin struck like Arcthunder and spread like Elfire, but now he’s rarer than a sacred stone. Expect to drop around $46 for this smashing spell caster.

AmiLuci3: Lucina

With Robin and Lucina so high on this list, it’s tough being a fan of Amiibo and the Fire Emblem franchise. Both Awakening characters launched in wave 4, and together they rode to the heights of Amiibo rarity.

Lucina is valued around $50 these days.

AmiKing2: King Dedede

Then again, with literally every Kirby Amiibo on this list, perhaps it could be worse for Fire Emblem fans.

King DeDeDe rules the number 2 spot with a stunning $55 value, more than 4 times the price of its original debut. Finding this one in stores would be a dream come true.


AmiGoldMar1: Gold Mario

Of course the hardest to find Amiibo would be a golden Mario. Why wouldn’t Nintendo’s leading man top a list of Nintendo collectibles?

The shiny plumber was a limited supply Wal-Mart exclusive, and as to be expected it sold out almost immediately. Despite being functionally identical to the regular Mario Amiibo, Gold Mario weighs in at over $80 in value.


DualSamusHonorable Mention: Dual Cannon Samus

As collectors may already know, there’s a ton of money to be found in misprints. Amiibo misprints include a legless Princess Peach or Luigi with his left hand missing, though many others have been reported all over the internet. Manufacturing mistakes are almost always in extremely limited quantities, which explains how something like the Pre-Release Raichu Pokemon card can be worth more than $10000.

Misprints were excluded from this list due to their obscurity, but we had to highlight this dual-wielding version of Samus Aran. Being sold for $2,500 in auction, she’s easily among the most infamous of Amiibo. Even though this figure was obviously a mistake, fans have since made it clear that an actual Samus rocking two blasters would be pretty cool.


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Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on