Let’s Turn your Stranger Things Collection Upside Down!

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm — or if not the world, at least Hawkins. Here at Gemr, we can’t get enough Stranger Things stuff — our office is full of it. The good news? Funko is feeding our addiction by putting out awesome new Pops every couple of months. Every time we think we have them all, they release another wave.

This means there are so many, we’re developing favorites. Sure, you can love all of them, but everyone knows — some rise to the top. And with that said, these are the 10 best Stranger Things Funko Pops that every fan needs.

10. GameStop Exclusive Vampire Bob

The only reason this pop made our list is because it made us laugh — and then it made us cry. What is it with Stranger Things and its habit of killing off all the people who did nothing wrong? First Barb, then Bob (whoops, spoilers). We just want to remember him as the goofy, almost father figure he was/could have been. This Vampire Pop perfectly captures that awkward dad humor he had in droves.

9. Dart the Demodog

Dart was adorable and terrifying, or adorifying (we’re coining the term). We didn’t like some of the stuff he did, sure. And maybe he ate some local pets, that’s a given, but just look at him! He’s so evil and so cute at the same time. The four-legged version of the Demogorgon (is it a larval stage? Is it another species? Who knows?) is such an iconic piece of Season 2, and Dart was the best of all of them. Dart is the perfect addition to any Stranger Things Funko collection. Just put him next to Dustin so no one will get hurt.

8. ThinkGeek Upside Down Will

Okay, it’s really the packaging that gets this one onto the list. See, ThinkGeek did something pretty cool with their Upside Down Will: they packaged him upside down. Now this may seem really minor in the grand scheme of things — but it’s such a good call out to the show and the theme. We just love how creepy it makes the whole thing feel. By making him upside down, the entire box just feels…off. Which is pretty much how the show makes you feel, too.

7. Hot Topic Upside Down Steve

We didn’t want to like Steve at first. He was that rude high school bully we all ran into growing up. But then Netflix did something incredible with him — they gave him a huge growth arc, and if there’s one thing we flippin’ love, it’s character growth. They turned Steve from a teenage turd to one of the best characters on the show. But enough about Steve, why this Pop? There are plenty of Steve Pops out there, after all. Well, this one adds that awesome desaturated look of all the upside-down Pops and adds the goggles and bandana he used to ward off the spores. They also included little white flecks of spores in his hair, which really makes this Pop for us. 10/10 would ask for hair advice.

6. SDCC 2017 Steve with Bat

Steve carried his iconic nail bat (and carried the team) throughout Season One. We loved that stinking thing (it’s almost as cool as another bat from a different show we also like). SDCC did us all a huge favor and made this one of their 2017 exclusives. He’s a little worse for the wear from fighting monsters, but he looks ready to keep going, and we love that. Unfortunately, because this was a con exclusive and was only ever sold once (and never will be sold again), it is a bit pricey. Expect to drop at least $180 for one still in the box.

5. Chase Eleven with Eggos

We tried to stay away from talking about the Chase Funkos because we want to talk about ones that are more achievable — but this one won our hearts. Eleven in her wig and dress was an iconic look (almost as iconic as her punk look from Season Two), and we all know her obsession with Eggos. This Pop combined both of these things, and that makes it perfect. The good news is that as far as Chase Pops go, this one is on the cheap side at only $20.

4. ECCC 2017 Upside Down Barb and Eleven 2 Pack

We keep coming back to the Upside Down, which is both terrifying and exciting. The Upside Down is where all the cool stuff happens — wait, did we say cool? We meant bad. This ECCC 2017 two pack is sort of painful to look at, mainly on account of Barb. We all want justice for Barb. What did we say about characters dying who did nothing wrong? Well, the two pack might not give her justice, but it certainly does creep us out! The pair are desaturated to match the terrible place they are inhabiting, and this pack was only sold once at ECCC and will never be sold again. Thankfully, you don’t have to kill a Demogorgon to get your hands on one — the rare pair runs only about $65.

3. Target Exclusive 8-Bit 5 Pack Arcade Box

We weren’t sure about the 8-bit style that Funko has been trying out until we ran into this 5 pack. The “80’s” show focuses, off and on, on the arcade the boys like to hang out at and that makes the style, while not on point with the series, feel like it fits. You get Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, and an open faced Demogorgon. Let that 80’s 8-bit gamer style wash over you when you pick this pack up. Plus, you get all 5 Pops for about $45 which is a steal!

2. 6” Demogorgon

This is the way the Demogorgon should have been released in the first place. We liked the smaller version, it was neat, but it wasn’t “larger than life, scare the crap out of you” scary. This version is. The sculpt is far more unsettling, and the half-open mouth just leaves us nervous. This is the version of the Demogorgon you should have in your collection. The best news is it’s still in stores. Get one before it disappears into the Upside Down.

1. Punk Eleven Elevated

We have to say punk Eleven is about the most iconic look to come out of the show so far — even more iconic than Steve’s perfect hair. We think it was just the right level of badass to really nail home the teen angst growing inside our favorite psychic. We are also totally on board with the trend of changing up the Funko bases. The change in display really adds another dimension to our collections we can’t get enough of. Eleven elevating was so out of this world cool that the moment we heard they were capturing it in Pop form, we bought five.


Written by Gemr
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