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Who doesn’t love a beautiful custom doll? These doll customizers are the best of the best!

There are few things more calming to watch then doll customizing videos. We love to imagine transforming our own dolls into something amazing. But alas, we don’t have the practice, and it would take a lot of time to get to the level of any of these remarkable designers. See, we love to watch people make their collectibles their own, and these five doll customizers are the best of the best in our humble opinion. So if you’re looking for some of the coolest, most whimsical, and amazing transformations around, these five doll artists are always our faves.

Most of our choices use a lot of Monster High Dolls because they have superior sculpts and far more posability than other fashion dolls. But there are exceptions to that, because each custom doll has different needs. Let’s get into our list and find out who we are crowning as the top 5 doll customizers!

5. Doll’s Brand New Look

This creative doll customizer is a wonderful addition to any top list. She tends to use Monster High Dolls for their possibility and interesting molds. She has a different style than many customizers — instead of speaking over the entire video, she includes little pop-ups that give the details. This takes your eyes off her work, but is a fun way to get the information and is great if you can’t watch with sound. Her hand stitched clothes are delightful, and she even makes her own shoes sometimes, which is a feat in and of itself!

4. Nicolle’s Dreams

Nicolle’s Dreams works with Monster High Dolls like many of our selections, but she also works with ball jointed dolls, which are more expensive and far more customizable. The effect she creates is dreamlike and beautiful. She enjoys whimsical colors and designs — which we adore. If you are looking to start customizing dolls, she has a fantastic back to basics series to help newbies get off the ground. These tutorials provide the groundwork for customizing your own dolls. This kindness to help others get better has earned her the fourth spot on our list.

3. Moonlight Jewel

Moonlight Jewel is a delight to watch. She perfectly brings together beauty and whimsy. She has a knack for making really cool animal characters, which makes her stand out from some of our other doll customizers. Moonlight Jewel also enjoys making pop-culture characters, as you can see in her delightful Sailor Moon series. She always leaves us guessing what she will make next. Her work is meticulous, and her voice is really calming. Her videos are always creative and lovely to watch.

2. Hextian

Hextian is the most pop-culture focused doll artists on our list– which, honestly, we really, really love. We like seeing his take on characters we all know and adore. His videos have so much creativity and so much skill, we can’t get enough! From the Incredibles to Laura Croft — his dolls make us wish we could buy them off the shelf. He works with dolls of all kinds and we’re never sure if we will be seeing Monster High, Disney, or any number of other brands! His work is always intricate and inspired, and it leaves us in awe. Not to mention that his camera work is fantastic — his dolls are always in focus!

1. Dollightful

It seems so obvious that Dollightful gets our top spot — at least to us. She is one of those artists who constantly wows us every time she puts out a new video. She has a really cool series which shows that anyone can customize dolls, no matter their budget. All it takes is practice! But even her budget-conscious dolls are done with professional techniques and an immense amount of creativity. While that series is cool, we love seeing the dolls she makes using all the tools in her toolbox. While she takes inspiration from many places, almost all of her work is her own original designs. Her sense of humor and enthusiasm is charming, and we can’t get enough of her work! We are always waiting for the next video!

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