Collectibles perfect for a stardate with Captain Kirk

We’ve put together the perfect starter pack collection for any Captain Kirk fan, young and old. No matter your interests or current collecting proclivities, we’ve got you covered! Captain James Tiberius Kirk, a powder keg full of raw charismatic charm, has graced our living rooms with his presence since Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) premiered in 1956. Kirk, originally played by the often imitated, never duplicated William Shatner, holds a special place in the hearts of many Trekkies. Currently in the rebooted movies, Kirk is depicted by the handsome, strong-jawed Chris Pine. But you all know that, so without further ado, we present to you a smattering of the best Kirk collectibles available for purchase right now!

Funko POPs

Just look at that face! That’s the face of the only Starfleet student to have ever defeated the Kobayashi Maru (sort of)! Funko POP released TWO versions of our heroic captain! For less than $10 you can snap up Chris Pine’s Kirk from Star Trek: Beyond….or for a cool $150 you can score the Shatner edition from TOS. We don’t envy your decision — but if it were us, we would pick up both!

I Want To Beam Up TOS Kirk

Red Matter Couldn’t Keep Me From Reboot Kirk

LEGO Inspired Minifigures

Two to beam up, Scotty! Perhaps the greatest bang for your buck at less than $8, you can get both Captain Kirk and his first officer, Mister Spock! After all, it would be illogical to assume that Captain Kirk would be anywhere without his t’hy’la (and the finest science officer ever)! This isn’t your average collectible, either. The fun and quirky adaptation is handmade and recreated from LEGO compatible elements to create a whole new amazing collectible art form that’s fun to play with, too!

I Want To Build My Collection With Lego Kirk

Action Figure

Sure this might be a “toy,” but it’s surely welcome in even the most serious collector’s collection! Not recommended for people under the age of 15, this highly detailed figure from MEZCO is currently available for just over $50. For that price you might expect to get a phaser thrown in, but this figure comes with not one, but two interchangeable head sculpts…smolder and smirking. Set your phasers to stun, because you’ll want to fight for this 6.5 inch, fully articulated figure!

I Want To Stun With The Kirk Action Figure

Vintage T-Shirt

Blasters fired! One of the biggest debates among Trek fans, besides which version of the Enterprise reigns supreme, is who’s the better captain: Kirk or Picard. Both men are without a doubt badasses in their own unique ways, but if you had to choose, which Captain would sit at the helm of your fantasy bridge? Picard in all his bald glory, or passionate Kirk? Perhaps this vintage t-shirt can help! With 10 compelling reasons why Kirk is way better than Picard, we just found your new favorite “red shirt.” And it’s a deal at just $12!

I Want To Wear Kirk

GUND Stuffed Animal

We’re pretty sure Kirk’s spirit animal is more lion than Klingon Targ, so it’s only fitting that GUND created the most adorable plush lion dressed as Captain Kirk. Bonus points for accurate uniform details! GUND is an iconic name in stuffed teddy bears and Kirk is an iconic Star Trek character, so it only makes sense to combine the two into one epic plushie goodness! Expect to pay under $20 to explore the final frontier with this guy.

Cuddle Up With Kirk

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