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Our favorite Mass Effect Collectibles on the Citadel.

I can’t believe it’s been a decade since Mass Effect first came out.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Bioware blew our minds with the Sci-Fi epic that was the first Mass Effect. Since then, we’ve followed Commander Shepard through the original trilogy of games, seen a ton of great spinoff comics and merchandise, and we even started a new adventure over on Andromeda.

In celebration of 10 whole years of Mass Effect, here are 7 of our favorite Mass Effect collectibles in the entire universe.

Scott Ryder

7: McFarlane’s Scott / Sara Ryder figures

Kicking us off are the affordable-yet-cool figures of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s protagonist, courtesy of McFarlane Toys.

Both the male and female figures are made with the same amount of care, but of course that just makes us want both of them.

Mass Effect Garrus

6: Play Arts Kai Garrus

Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai figures have been a bit of a wildcard in the past. You never knew what they’d cover next, or if you did, you’d never know if they’d do what they did to Batman.

Well, they did cover Mass Effect, and they played it pretty straight too. Everyone’s favorite turian comes with decent articulation and a couple of accessories, but getting him in the exact pose you want will be up to you.

The Art of Mass Effect

5: The Art of The Mass Effect Universe

Many talented minds came together to create the Mass Effect universe, so a hardcover art book is a no-brainer for any serious collector.

For anyone who has finished the original Mass Effect trilogy and wants to dive deeper into its world, The Art of The Mass Effect Universe is the behind-the-scenes experience you’ve been craving.

Mass Effect Vinyl

4: Mass Effect Trilogy Vinyl Soundtrack

The best part about vinyl is just how gorgeous the accompanying art can be. Needless to say, the vinyl release of the Mass Effect Trilogy soundtrack does not disappoint on this front.

I mean, looking at the package, who even needs a turntable when it looks that good on a shelf? Not that you shouldn’t enjoy it for its intended purpose, but… just look at it!

Mass Effect Legion

3: Threezero’s Legion

Alright ladies and gentleman, who’s ready to drool over figures that will set us back hundreds of dollars? I know I sure am, at least before I hear the sounds of my wallet crying!

This 1/6 scale Legion figure comes to us courtesy of Threezero for the cool cost of $190. At least, it was $190 when it was still in stock. It looks like we’d need to cough up more cash to snag this one off the second-hand market!

Mass Effect Mordin

2: Gaming Heads’ Mordin

Let’s turn those Legion frowns upside-down with a figure that we might still be able to buy from the manufacturer. Not that our wallets are any happier, but let’s not look a gift Abomination in the… yeah that joke doesn’t work as well as I thought it would.

This Mordin comes equipped with interchangeable arms, his console, and a stand. At 20.5 inches tall, there’s very good reason that they call this a statue and not a figure.

Sideshow Commander Shepard

1: Sideshow’s Commander Shepard

And, of course, here we arrive at the part in any top collectible list in which Sideshow Collectibles comes in and shows us why they’re a top dog in the premium collectible business.

This Commander Shepard gives you everything you’d want out of the trilogy’s protagonist. Between the badass weaponry and the amazing detail throughout, even someone who has never heard of Mass Effect would love this. Beyond that, the illuminated stand and the optional helmet is just icing on the cake. The only way this figure could get better is if we could get one based off our customized characters from the actual game, and… well, I know there’s someone out there who would do it, but I’ll stop that train of thought now before my bank account has a heart attack.

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