The Rubik’s Cube has stumped millions of players since 1974, but Speedcubers make the iconic puzzle look like child’s play.

Speedcubing – also known as speedsolving – is the art of solving a Rubik’s Cube in the fastest time possible. It’s one of the most popular topics among the Rubik’s Cube community, with players sharing tips and techniques to help each other whittle down their times. The World Cube Association hosts annual tournaments that challenge speedcubers on multiple levels, including solving larger cubes, completing a cube while blindfolded, and even finishing the puzzle with their feet. These events have kept speedcubers honing their craft to this day, and the millions of hits garnered by YouTube speedcubing videos show that spectators are excited to cheer on the pros.

Although many variations of the Rubik’s Cube exists, the original 3X3 cube remains one of the most popular both in and out of the community. Below are ten speedcubers who have made unbelievably short work of the iconic puzzle.


10: Jayden McNeill

This Australian born speedcuber may face strict competition from a certain other player in his country, but that doesn’t make his times any less impressive.

At Lifestyles Seasons Summer 2015, Jayden was able to take home a solve time of 5.91 seconds.


9: Lucas Etter

Lucas may be young, but his lightning fast times are impressive beyond his years.

At the Michigan 2015 competition, Lucas made short work of the Rubik’s Cube in 5.85 seconds. While he was there, he also won the trophy for the 4X4 cube with a time of 29.89 seconds.


8: Michal Pleskowicz

Michal faced stiff competition at the 2015 World Rubik’s Cube Championship, but his valiant efforts still earned him a spot on this list.

The Polish speedcuber solved the Rubik’s Cube in 5.81 seconds, marking his best effort after over 50 competitions.


7: Jiayu Wang

When Rubik’s Cube competitions are timed to the millisecond, it’s hard to believe that two people could actually have identical times. Yet in the case of Michal Pleskowicz and Jiayu Wang, that is exactly what happened.

Jiayu’s 5.81 second time at the Club Elite Union Cafe 2014 event would go on to be one of the fastest times of the year.


6: Kevin Costello III

It’s an understatement to say that Kevin had a good showing at the Melrose Spring 2015 competition. With fastest times for the 4X4 cube, 5X5 cube, and even the 3X3 cube one-handed, this is one seriously dedicated speedcuber!

Getting on the list of world-fastest 3X3 times with 5.74 seconds undoubtedly made his day as well.

5: Bill Wang

Bill may not attend as many competitions as other players on this list, but he sure knows how to make his showings count.

At the Canadian Open 2015, Bill just barely edged out Kevin’s time with 5.72 seconds.

4: Pavan Ravindra

Although Pavan’s 5.58 second solution time is incredibly impressive, it’s almost tragic that he did not actually win at the 2015 US Nationals.

In competitions, victory is conceded to the player with the best average time. Even though Pavan bested winner Drew Brads’ quickest time by almost a second and a half, Drew’s overall performance was more consistent. Still, achieving such a lightning fast time is no fluke, and Pavan easily deserves his spot on the list.


3: Mats Valk

Mats is one of two Netherlands citizens to place on the top 100 fastest Rubik’s Cube times, but his deft fingers are the embodiment of quality over quantity.

Holding the world record for the fastest time in 2013, Mats Valk’s 5.55 second showing has earned its place in history.


2: Feliks Zemdegs

Hailing from Australia, it’s hard to just talk about Feliks Zemdegs’ single solve time of 5.39 seconds.

Feliks holds the world records for 3X3 average times, the 4X4 single solve, the 7X7 single solve, and many more. He’s considered the Rubik’s Cube world champion by many, and it’s easy to see why. If any Rubik’s Cube player is looking to earn a world record in any category, there’s a good chance that Feliks will be the person to beat.

 1: Collin Burns

Having sung praises about Feliks Zemdegs, now meet Collin: the 15 year old who shattered the world record by more than a tenth of a second.

That may not seem very long, but given how close all these times are, finishing at 5.25 seconds is incredible. Collin’s time made huge waves at the Doylestown Spring 2015 event, and it’s hard to imagine anyone beating a time like this any time soon. The record may not even be a year old at this point, but Collin’s unparalleled swiftness has made him a legend among Rubik’s Cube players.

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