Trading Card Counterfeit

Personal training sweethearts are charged in a scheme that prosecutors say involved reproducing original sports cards on eBay, then making fakes to sell.

In the ultimate trading card counterfeit, a New Jersey couple was accused and charged with Theft by Deception, Impersonation (Identity Theft) and Computer Related Theft.  Andrew D. Mei, the accused perpetrator, has been selling sports cards and valuable gold coins and bars through a false identity to unknowing customers on eBay for the last six years.  What’s more is that he would buy these rare and expensive items from other eBay dealers, make copies of them, and then sell the counterfeit copies sometimes as himself or through other adopted names.  eBay caught on to the criminal activities taking place and shut down Mei’s account after four years.

Like most criminals, a slap on the wrist by eBay wasn’t enough to stop him.  Mei found a way around his frozen account by stealing the identity of a victim in California.  Through this false identity he set up a new eBay and PayPal account which allowed him to continue his counterfeit operation.  Mei was arrested on Monday and currently awaits his arraignment in jail.

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