Trekkie Builds Starship Enterprise Building

How far would you take your love of Star Trek?  Would you collect some movie memorabilia?  Would you collect action figures?  Would you attend Comic-Cons dressed as your favorite characters?  What about designing a multi million-dollar building after the Starship Enterprise?

Welcome to the world of the self-described “Trekkie”, and one of China’s wealthiest men, Liu Dejian.  Dejian is the founder of NetDragon Websoft, an online game developing company headquartered in China’s southeast Fujian Provence.  He decided to boldly go where no man has gone before by creating a life size USS Enterprise, that doubles as his company’s office space.

NetDragon did ensure that proper legal steps were taken before constructing such a monumental building.  Before the company was able to break ground for construction, NetDragon contacted CBS executives to obtain legal permission for using the likeliness of the famed Starship.  Once NetDragon was given the green light, the company set phasers to stun, and began construction.

The new NetDragon headquarters building was completed in October of 2014.  The six-story, 850-foot long, and 300-foot wide USS Enterprise cost roughly $100 million to construct.

Live Long and Prosper, NetDragon.