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By the power of Grayskull–Your old Toys Could Make You Rich!

If you had THE POWWEEERRR — and self control — to keep all your old Masters of the Universe toys, you could be holding onto thousands of dollars! Especially if you had the extreme self control not to take them out of their blister packs or boxes. We admit we aren’t great at not opening most of our collectibles, but we’re hoping you might have had better restraint then we did as kids. Some of these old He-Man toys are worth more than…well, Castle Grayskull (though that might have made the list too!).

10. Teela

Teela was one of the first characters developed for Masters of the Universe. She is the Captain of the Royal Guard and it’s her job to protect Prince Adam. She doesn’t know about his alter ego, even though she helps him pretty regularly — he just happens to look a heck of a lot like Prince Adam (she clearly doesn’t ask enough questions). Well, this powerful lady could make you an incredible amount of money if you have her still on card. In mint condition, she can sell for as much as $950!!!!

9. Faker

For a blue-skinned, orange-haired repaint of He-Man, Faker has gained a lot of value over the years. He was designed as an evil double of He-Man who worked for Skeletor. This figure really is just a repaint, so you might tell us we’re fakers when we tell you…it’s worth up to $950 in mint condition! Better check your basement.

8. Prince Adam

Ahh, the “mild-mannered” alter ego of He-Man, Prince Adam. He was the boring version of our favorite hero. This action figure wasn’t a favorite of kids (who wants Clark Kent when you can have Superman?). Well, maybe don’t ignore this Prince! If you have him on card in mint condition, he can be worth as much as $1,000!

7. Wonderbread Mail-Away

Another He-Man repaint!!! It turns out that repainting the same figure can make it valuable! Wonderbread offered a mail away figure to kids who ate their bread at the height of their popularity. This repaint had brown hair, but because you had to mail away for it, not many people got them. Because of the rarity of this figure, collectors go crazy for it! If you happened to get one and still have it in mint condition…it can be worth a wonderful $1,500!

6. Laser Light Skeletor

As Masters of the Universe fell out of favor, Mattel stopped releasing items in the US and a few toys ended up being European-only releases, like Laser Light Skeletor. The only thing cooler than Skeletor is a Skeletor that lights the heck up, right? Because of the extreme rarity and not having a US release, if you have one of these bad boys on card, you could make as much as $1,500!

5. Castle Grayskull

We want to petition to change the catchphrase from “By the Power of Grayskull!” to “By the Value of Grayskull!” because this playset can get you majorly paid. This iconic castle looks as cool as it is, and most kids ripped them out of the box with vigor. However, those who refrained are very lucky. A Castle Grayskull playset still mint in box could sell for as much as $1,800!

4. Mer-Man

This sea dwelling monster is second only to Beast-Man in Skeletor’s army. Well, he did something Beast-Man couldn’t do — he made it onto the most valuable Masters of the Universe toys list! Mer-Man, king of his amphibious people and thrall to Skeletor, still on card, could make you up to $2,000!

3. Laser Power He-Man

This figure is the other half of the Laser Light Skeletor. Just like the Skeletor, it never got a US release. Because this laser powered hero is so rare, he hardly ever turns up in mint condition. If you have one, you could sell it for up to $2,200!

2. He-Man

Who could turn down the original He-Man? It doesn’t surprise us that he nearly tops the list. We expected him to be pretty high up here, but we honestly didn’t expect him to come in at number two. If you happen to still have the Master of the Universe, in amazing condition on his original card…you could be holding up to $2,800! You have the POWER to sell him — but why would you?

1. Eternia Playset

If you thought that Castle Grayskull was the rarest playset, you are wildly mistaken. There is one place in Eternia that is rarer — and that is all of Eternia! This playset came with Castle Eternia, Viper Tower, and Grayskull Tower. The whole thing was ringed by a monorail that toys could zoom around and it was larger than life. Finding one of these sets in tact is pretty difficult. Pieces go missing all the time on a toy this big. Finding one still in box? Almost impossible. If you happen to have one still wrapped up in the box — because it got lost in a closet before Christmas or something — you could be looking at as much as $3,500!!!!

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