Veritas! After Six Years, Harvard Art Museums’ Renzo Piano Home Is Nearly Ready: A Peek Inside

Curators at the Harvard Art Museums are spending the summer installing works in the new Renzo Piano-designed building, which has significantly boosted the university’s ability to display its wide-ranging collections. 

The Harvard Art Museums are reopening a renovated and hugely augmented version of a former Harvard Art Museum, The Fogg Art Museum, which closed six years ago on November 16th.  The new Renzo Piano building will reopen this year on November 16th as a nod to the museum’s former life.  Hugely expanded, the new museum will unite what used to be three completely separate museums as one cohesive collection of exhibits.  The former museums include “Fogg’s European and American artworks, the Busch-Reisinger Museum with art from Central and Northern Europe, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum’s holdings of antiquities and Asian art”.  In addition to more space, the united museums now have the ability to offer classes to the public, which will help to greatly increase Harvard Art Museum’s public outreach.

During the much awaited grand reopening this fall, we can expect a special exhibition dedicated to Mark Rothko’s newly restored “Harvard Murals” ( as well as many other surprise treats.

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