Vintage stamps deliver Aussie nostalgia

Jacko shoe shine, Harper’s Empire self-raising flour, TAA (The Friendly Way!), Phillip Island fairy penguins and Swallow & Ariell’s teddy bear biscuits.

Five popular ad posters from a bygone era are making a comeback in the form of postage stamps.

Sonia Young from the Australia Post Design Studio headed the design of each standard issue 70c stamp based on artwork from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. 

Australia Post’s manager of philately Michael Zsolt says the stamps reflect times when Australian industry, advertising and art were one.

“(They) not only recall a golden age of graphic design and visual advertising, but also a time when Australian-owned business and manufacturing thrived,” he said.

The issue comes at a time when letter sending is in steep decline, making the stamps all the more nostalgic.

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