Wall of Fame: The Man Who Spent Decades Collecting Autographs

This is past the idea of being starstruck. Fred Vareckas, a man who has been collecting celebrity autographs since he was 12, lives in Lake Ariel with his wife, Maria. Practically every wall space area has been covered with framed autographs, photographs and posters. The two spent a chapter of their lives living in Long Island, N.Y. until they recently moved to their former vacation home after retiring. The only problem? “I just need more wall space, that’s all.” says Mr. Varecka with a laugh.

Since the age of 12, Fred has collected over 3,000 celebrity autographs, mostly from film and television stars. Growing up in Queens, NY, he had many opportunities to get autographs through his parents’ friends, who were well connected in the industry. Mr. Varecka’s collection ranges from simple autographs to personalized notes, from stars like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. “It’s amazing what he has,” Mrs. Varecka said.

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