Toy Companies have Finally Realized the Future is in Collectibles

For collectors, we’ve known a long time that collectibles are where everything was headed. Sure, there are always going to be kids toys. But haven’t you noticed in the last ten years the depth and breadth of collectible selections have vastly increased? It began in the nineties, but it has only grown since then. This means that collectors keep getting more of what we want, and the fantastic selection keeps getting better.

NECA Ultimate Pennywise

You have lines like Marvel Legends, which are far more articulated and interesting than the usual toy store brands. You get the DC Designer series which comes with accessories far too small for children (the Batwoman batarangs anyone?). Not to mention the Star Wars Black Series, which makes incredible display pieces in and out of the box. You also have companies like Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, S.H.Figuarts, and NECA bursting onto the scene. These higher end collectibles are clearly not for kids and come with enough accessories and props to need storage all their own.

Luke Skywalker and his Landspeeder – SDCC Exclusive 2017

Con-exclusive collectibles have also been on the rise. We won’t call anything that has a run of 1,000 or heck, even worse — only 40, a toy. These collectibles are specifically aimed at collectors like us. The big names in the toy world know we can’t wait to get our hands on the rare or exotic to fill our collections and make them unique.

Times are changing

It’s so nice to report that collectibles are finally everywhere. Shops have entire walls of Funko Pops, or cases full of beautifully sculpted statues waiting for collectors to come and take them home to display. And collecting has never been more accessible because of this collectible boom. Thanks in big part to places like Gemr, where you can display your entire collection online and share it with people who love the same stuff as you, it’s never been easier to talk to other collectors and find out about new pieces. Collections no longer are secretive — you can find people who love the same stuff as you and are willing to share their own experiences.

Collecting has become so mainstream that many celebrities, directors, and artists have huge collections hiding in their homes, waiting to be discovered. So we at Gemr have struck out on a mission to find them and show you that everyone collects. Your favorite director might have a hidden passion that drives them to create. Your favorite artist? Yep, she might be a secret Jedi. To celebrate that, we’ve launched our new docuseries Collection Complete to introduce you to the collections behind the creators you love. We’ll be releasing a new episode every week, so subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you never miss out!

What happens next?

We are seeing a definitive rise of the Age of Collectibles through a somewhat unlikely source: major retailers. With Toys-R-Us disappearing, many collectors were nervous about where they could go to find their much-coveted picks in person. Well, fear not! Two of the biggest retailers in the US have decided to fill that niche by adding “Collectible” sections. A lot of collectors noticed Target was rearranging and became worried that perhaps they were going to remove things like NECA or Funko from their shelves. Thankfully, they merely were moving them into their own home outside of the toy section to give these collectibles — aimed at adults — a more fitting display. They aren’t for kids, so why keep them with the toys?

Loot Crate Boxes to be sold at Walmart

Not to be left behind, Walmart has just announced that they too will be having a separate collectibles section where they will be hosting Funkos and other more collector focused items. The first major announcement for this section was a surprise to us! Walmart announced they will be exclusively selling Loot Crates in store! That means if you’re not into the subscription box idea, now you can get a curated box of collectibles for cheap and on the shelf. You also have the added bonus of seeing what you get before you buy. Pretty nice, right? Mcfarlane figures and Culture Fly boxes are also reportedly moving to these shelves.

All we can say is we’re excited to live in a time when companies are finally acknowledging us and working to give us the things we crave. Hopefully, this means better sculpts, better paint jobs, and greater selections are still to come! In the meantime– happy hunting.

Written by Gemr
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