Want to Attend ‘The Giver’ Premiere? Weinstein Gamifies the Guest List

Jeff Bridges. Meryl Streep. Brenton Thwaites. Katie Holmes. Alexander Skarsgard.

Just a few of the celebrity cast that you could be sitting mere feet away from.

Ever wanted to attend a Holly premiere?  New York City film Studio, The Weinstein Company, is letting you, the viewer, have a little fun with it by gameifying the guest list of much anticipated blockbuster, ‘The Giver’.  Hopefully nobody over at Weinstein is experiencing any OCD anxiety over giving up all control.

The contest is called “The Giver Movie Premiere for Good” and they’re giving fans “the chance to battle for 100 open seats to the Aug. 11 red carpet event”.  To win one of the coveted 100 open spots, contestants must launch a fundraising campaign on Crowdrise.  The amount of money contestants fundraise directly correlates to how close fans are able to get to the big names sitting up front.  Besides, it’s all for a good cause!  All proceeds from the contest will go directly to “charities benefitting the arts” so you have no excuse not to participate.

You have until August 1st – so, what are you waiting for?


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