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Also This Week In Hype: Magic the Gathering Announcement Week, and Cars 3 hits the road.

I’m gonna come right out and say it. I’m sorry.

We’re only two weeks into doing This Week In Hype, and we may already be hitting the peak of hype for this year. Sure, we’ve got a lot to be hyped about ahead of us, but nothing can compare to the sheer corporate hype that will rain down upon us this week. Yes, there can be no other event than the one, the only…

Xbox One X

The latest big E3 reveal. This is literally what it is called.

1: E3 2017.

Ah yes, E3. The event where video games get announced and fans unleash the nerd screams hidden deep within themselves.

Yes, this is basically an extravaganza of nonstop video game trailers. Will some new video games get demoed? Sure. But let’s be real: 90% of the time, the stuff we see at E3 is pure fantasy. Either a game is revealed with pre-rendered footage that doesn’t accurately represent the game at all, or “real gameplay footage” is shown in such a carefully choreographed way that it can hardly be considered better. So basically, E3 is a trade fair where a bunch of people watch movies that pretend to be video games. That sounds about right.

Is E3 oftentimes loud, obnoxious, and even cringeworthy? Yes. Is it still a lot of fun? You bet! Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but there is a certain magic to witnessing all these major announcements with the gaming community all at once. Even if the trailers are fake and the presenters are hamming up their performances, the excitement of the community is real. Whenever a Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Shenmue 3 is announced, there’s this magical point in time where everyone is imagining this absolute masterpiece in their own minds. Even if the final product doesn’t live up to the height, the dream is thrilling.

So yes, I encourage everyone who’s interested to turn off their brain and enjoy E3 2017. Just remember to turn it back on after you’ve had your fun.

Magic the Gathering

2: New Magic the Gathering announcements are announced.

On the subject of getting all hyped up for incoming announcements, Magic the Gathering has officially announced that it will be announcing things all throughout this week.

Yes, according to a blog post on the official Magic the Gathering website, the team is finally ready to confirm that its long awaited “Announcement Day” has evolved into “Announcement Week.” This is fantastic news, as fans had been pressing them to announce when they might announce their announcement day. That is to say, this news is a bit overdue. What’s more, since Magic will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary next year, the team is slated to really set the stage for all the announcements they’ve yet to announce for next year! Wow!

In all seriousness though, it’s an exciting time to be a Planewalker. With new cards, changes to sets, and digital offerings, Magic fans will have plenty to sink their teeth into. You know, once it all actually launches and isn’t just announced.

Cars 3

3: Cars 3: Now featuring at least 3 cars.

Rounding out our list announcement events is the release of Disney and Pixar’s Cars 3.

A new Pixar movie is always a momentous occasion, even though the Cars franchise isn’t exactly a favorite with the critics. Still, considering that this is the second threequel Pixar has ever released, it’s clearly a fan favorite. Given that the movie is pledging to be a return-to-roots to the original Cars, here’s to hoping that fans will be in for a nostalgic throwback. Also, Disney/Pixar toys and toy cars are always fun, so I’ll thoroughly enjoy the ensuing gift shopping for my nieces and nephews (but maybe a little bit for myself).

That’s all we have for hype this week. Please look forward to next week’s This Week In Hype, in which we might give you the full scoop on everything announced this week! Please look forward to it*!

*Real gameplay footage will probably not be shown.
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